Business of the Day is a new segment on The BFD where we promote businesses who have the strength of character to stand up for the basic human rights of their fellow human beings.

Burger Junction Pokeno


Gourmet Burgers made with fresh meat and something that you never tasted before.


Opening soon on the top floor of Pokeno Plaza where the new Bottle o and Pizza shop is.

Food Truck: 40 Great South Rd, Pokeno, (Pokeno Market)


Our whare just had bbq chicken, chilli beef, and double cheese burgers for the first time – they were awesome! Chicken was tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Meat and chicken were generous portions. Overall yummy dinner. Thanks Burger Junction Pokeno.

Have heard so many good things and they are all true are spoilt to have such a great little place close to home every bit as good as burger fuel.

Dear Readers, please send me sb at the details of any businesses you know who refuse to discriminate against their customers so that we can promote them to the 25,000+ people who read our site every single day.

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Business of the Day
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The BFD Staff

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