As this senator from Ireland argues, it’s the logical extension of current logic.

A Senator in Ireland has said that the government should consider banning those without a vaccine passport from public transportation and supermarkets, in one of the most extreme Covid proposals to date.

“Why not supermarkets? Why not public transport?” Senator Gerry Horkan asked. “I know it is difficult to police some of these things, but really, if you want to participate in society, you need to be vaccinated.”

Can’t argue with that. You just have to look home in New Zealand how many supermarkets are “locations of interest”.

[…]“As others have said, vaccine certificates should be required for entry into gyms and hairdressers. Why not introduce such a requirement for supermarkets and public transport? I know it is difficult to police some of these things, but really, if people want to participate in society, they need to be vaccinated. If they do not want to participate in society, that is okay. They can stay at home; that is their business. However, unvaccinated people are putting themselves, their families, the rest of us and the economy at risk. None of us wants a lockdown. It is in all of our hands to behave as best we can. We can socialize safely. If people are vaccinated, it is unlikely to do them too much harm if they do not have a pre-existing condition.

And why not just force the unvaccinated to stay home? It will keep the rest of us safe. To enforce it we’ll just give the police the power to do random checks. Hell, while we’re at it let’s give the cops the power to do random strip searches just in case.

[…]Horkan’s remarks stirred backlash on social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “When you propose that the unvaccinated should be banned from feeding themselves you are advocating for genocide.”

Well it’s not quite that bad. There’s always online grocery shopping and rellies to drop off grocery parcels. It’s not like putting the unvaccinated under house arrest, even if they have a good reason not to be vaccinated, isn’t justified.

But wait, you say. Vaccines don’t prevent transmission and someone who is vaccinated is just as likely to get it and pass it on. In fact, the real reason the government is pushing vaccination is to prevent an underfunded health system from collapsing.

Hrmmffff. Logic, schmogic.

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Let’s Just Force Unvaxxed to Stay Home


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