As I wrote recently, New Zealand’s mainstream media love to draw comparisons between Jacinda Ardern and Denmark’s Mette Frederiksen. Both, Stuff would have us believe, are “are wunderkinds of the liberal international media; progressive female leaders”.

Except that it’s obvious that either Stuff hasn’t looked to closely at Frederiksen’s policies — or doesn’t want their readers to notice. Because Frederiksen has recently outlined a “zero vision” on immigration which includes not taking refugees at all. Denmark is also sending non-criminal refugees home, and enacting laws to limit “non-Westerners” to 30 per cent of the population in any given area and closing Muslim schools.

Now the “right-wing” Danish People Party, which lost its place in the coalition government in 2019, is once again teaming up with one of its former coalition partners to push a bill deporting thousands of immigrants.

For the first time, the Danish People’s Party and Inger Støjberg are coming together and putting forward a far-reaching bill that sets a target figure for the deportation of thousands of immigrants by the year 2030. It goes to the ‘fringes’ of the conventions, which the two parties will not guarantee will be respected. The move is not one step closer to a DF membership to Støjberg, she argues.


Støjberg quit Denmark’s Venstre (“Left”) Liberal Party earlier this year after an impeachment vote over an allegedly illegal order she gave while serving as Minister for Immigration.

They will set a goal of deporting 70 percent of a certain group of immigrants by 2030 if they have committed some criminal act, do not know Danish or have been unemployed for a long time […] according to Thulesen Dahl, the structure of the Expulsion Act is a faithful copy of the Climate Act, where the climate has been replaced by foreigners.

They estimate that this is 70 percent of a group of “about 50,000 immigrants” they want to deport with the law.

Significantly, the proponents of the law appear to be asserting Danish sovereignty and giving the finger to “international conventions”.

At the same time, Støjberg and Thulesen Dahl will not guarantee that the law respects international conventions […] The chairman of the Danish People’s Party is of the opinion that Denmark can initially send thousands of people living here with a foreign background home without coming into conflict with the conventions.


Although Støjberg was impeached over an order related to separating child brides, the impeachment concerned the legality of her actions. Støjberg was found to have violated the European Convention on Human Rights — which makes the DPF’s apparent rejection of “international conventions”.

Either way, both the Danish government and opposition remain clearly hostile to the sort of “they are us” virtue-signalling Jacinda Ardern is notorious for.

Don’t hold your breath waiting to hear about these developments from the team of $55 million.

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Danish Bill Aims to Deport 35,000 Migrants

Lushington D. Brady

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