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So the Maori activists want to lock us all up at Level 4 again – and are using the NZ Herald to achieve it!

The front page in today’s (Oct 15) Herald features a photo of Rawiri Taonui. It refers to him as a “health analyst.”

“We’ve passed the threshold, and it’s Maori who are paying the price,” health analyst Dr Rawiri Taonui said.

NZ Herald

But did you know he’s in fact a Maori activist and co-editor of the book,  “About Indigenous Rights: The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People in Aotearoa New Zealand“?

Meanwhile, a coalition of Maori health organisations in Auckland is warning many Maori will die unless the Government returns to a Covid-19 elimination strategy. …

“That will no doubt result in loss of lives, with Maori being a major casualty,” they said in a statement.

On Monday Te Pati Maori called for Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland, to be put back into level 4, and level 3 for the rest of the North Island, until eligible Maori were 95 per cent vaccinated.

“Failure to do so is committing our people to death by Covid,” co-leader Rawiri Waititi said. …


Cultural Norm

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