It is baloney to think that the way we are currently living – critical, divided, angry at the unvaccinated, afraid, mask-wearing and social-distancing – is the ‘new norm’.  

On radio, TV, newspapers and mainstream media, New Zealanders have been subjected to persistent voices instilling the idea that the way we are relating now is here to stay. Fearful of others because we might catch the virus. No longer able to travel, trade or socialise as we used to.

The PM and health officials are doing their best to keep New Zealanders believing this is the ‘new norm’. While not a perfect illustration, it wasn’t long ago that there was great fear generated by the HIV global epidemic. People were suffering and dying of Aids. If a rugby player was injured and it involved blood, they were quickly removed from the field as they might contaminate someone with this transmittable disease

Infectious Diseases in Rugby Players: –

Participation in rugby football can expose individuals to a variety of infectious diseases both on and off the field of play. The close physical contact and trauma inherent in playing rugby facilitates the transmission of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens between players and may also lead to the acquisition of potentially lethal infections from the environment, such as tetanus.

In the past few years there have been a number of reported outbreaks of infection amongst rugby players in the medical literature. The appearance of HIV infection has focused attention on the potential for transmission of this and other blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis B and C viruses from bleeding wounds sustained on the rugby field.

As a result, various expert bodies have produced guidelines on the management of players with bleeding wounds. Opportunities are now available to rugby players to play outside their own countries, including the third world. This can bring them into contact with a wide range of travel-associated infections, some of which may be life threatening.

In view of the above it is clear that rugby players and those who coach and manage rugby teams require information and education on the subject of infection and its prevention, as well as access to appropriate medical care and expertise.

Springer Link24 September 2012

HIV, or any other infectious disease for that matter, did not stop rugby games.

C J Hopkins, American author and political commentator, writes on his blog, consentfactory.org about Covid-19,

As for crippling the implementation of the “New Normal”, that’s already happening and has been since the beginning. Any form of totalitarianism ultimately depends on its foot soldiers to carry out its edicts. Although the majority of the Western masses have been collaborating with it so far, there is a sizable minority that has opposed the “New Normal” from the outset. We are at a critical stage at the moment.

The Conservative Woman UK blog heads up a written exchange between Millar and Hopkins,

“It’s up to us to resist the insanity of the ‘new normal’.”

“…. Since the beginning of 2020, his (Hopkins’) texts have focussed on exposing the ways the global neo-liberal regime uses the Covid narrative as a tool to criminalise dissent”.                                                

The Conservative Woman, Daniel Millar 22 May 21

Coronavirus hysteria and mandating compliance will not stop our way of life.  

Kiwis are easy going, love to laugh, call in anytime, hospitable people. They do not like PC nonsense; instead, they rather enjoy it when a person bends the rules a little. Tittle-tattling about a neighbour’s misdemeanour to the police is abhorrent. Unlike some cultures, it is normal for New Zealanders to say ‘Hi’, even to a stranger when out and about. Losing sleep over whether to give in to a government mandate to “receive your jabs or lose your job” is immoral.

History tells us we change our views – they are fleeting. Not an exact similarity, but many Kiwis once mistrusted Germans and Japanese. Those who lived through the war years despised the races that committed the atrocities but are now happy to visit Germany and Japan and make friends with their citizens. We remember those who died, but avoiding two groups of people has not become a ‘new norm’ for New Zealanders.  Vilifying the unvaccinated is not the ‘new norm’ either.

Our Kiwi default position is being friendly and feeling comfortable in the familiar.

The country has been shaken to the core by some of Ardern’s harsh edicts and many broken promises which have created unnecessary divisions within society. A group of 14 people from several different BOP ‘bubbles’ got together recently. It didn’t matter who sat next to whom. Not one person asked, “Have you had the jab?” It was natural to not be suspicious of each other.

Normality will be demanded from politicians, either by protests, by civil disobedience or at the ballot box. Our freedoms will be taken back by laid-back ordinary Kiwis.  Vaccinated or not.  

It is baloney that this is the ‘new norm’.


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This ‘New Norm’ Is Baloney


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