Things are obviously not looking too flash, all of a sudden, for Daniel Andrews in Victoria. Not just the multiple corruption inquiries, but, seemingly, a sudden shift in Victorians’ attitude to lockdowns. The state that has been all “IStandWithDan” might just be getting sick of endless lockdowns.

Suddenly, the Andrews regime is all about “freedom” and ending restrictions.

Victoria is powering towards freedom with indications the state will hit 70 per cent double-dose coronavirus vaccinations four days ahead of target.

Melbourne, the world’s most locked-down city, could see lockdown lifted before the planned October 26 date if the trend continues.

Obviously the poll numbers are shifting.

But wait, isn’t the government “guided by the science”? Spare me. On the contrary, we know perfectly well that the Andrews government – like its Labor counterpart in Queensland – has been spending a small fortune in taxpayers’ money, carefully monitoring how popular lockdowns are in marginal seats.

Certainly, the “medical advice” excuse isn’t that convincing.

Currently just over 60 per cent of Victorians are fully jabbed.

Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said he was “cautiously optimistic” that Victoria had passed the peak of the Delta COVID-19 outbreak after record numbers were recorded last week.


Guess they’ll just have to wait for the latest polling results, to be sure.
In the meantime, Andrews is desperately trying to dig Victoria out of another hole of his own making.

The Victorian Government will spend $2.5 million to recruit up to 1000 healthcare workers from overseas to help to ease the pressure on buckling hospital systems dealing with COVID-19.

Except, as we’ve seen in Victoria and other states, it’s not covid that’s crippling the hospital system: it’s chronic neglect by state governments. Victoria’s hospital system was regularly in crisis without covid; ditto Western Australia and Queensland. It was the same story in covid whipping-boys Italy and Spain, with hospitals regularly at up to 200% capacity for years before covid.

The $2.5 million will be used to help fund the relocation of healthcare workers and support them to get to work in Victoria as soon as possible […]

“This unprecedented investment directly into those frontline carers and workforce healthcare professionals is in response to the unprecedented times we are in,” [Health Minister Luke Foley] said.


Just like the 4,000 extra ICU beds Dan promised last year? How’d that one pan out?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of the IBAC hearings, and how deep in the doo-doo Dan really is, until betting on whether he makes good on his latest promises.

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