David Seymour
ACT Leader

The ACT Party yesterday called on the Government to apologise for the mistake that most likely caused the current lockdown – cancelling pre-departure testing from COVID hotspot New South Wales.

The Government was always wrong and now by reinstating pre-departure testing from New South Wales, it has admitted it was wrong. That comes after days of defending its cancellation of pre departure tests against all logic.

Passengers on the newly announced ‘red flight’ from Sydney must have pre-departure tests within 72 hours of departure.

The Government previously dropped the requirement for pre-departure testing for Kiwis coming home from New South Wales, while practically every other location on earth requires pre-departure testing and MIQ if you want to come to New Zealand.

This is how COVID ultimately ended up in the community, putting the entire country into lockdown.

Yesterday in answer to my questions in Question Time, the Prime Minister brushed away criticisms as “overly simplistic.” Today she’s changed the rules – an admission that pre-departure tests are indeed needed.

For the sake of all New Zealanders, I’m pleased the Government has introduced this measure to keep us safe. It’s just a shame the Prime Minister couldn’t show some humility yesterday and admit the Government was wrong to have not introduced this in the first place.

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Government Must Apologise for Costly Pre-departure Screw Up
David Seymour

David Seymour

David Seymour ACT Leader | MP for Epsom