When President Trump threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the US military to restore order in American cities burning from hundred of violent riots, the media-left lost their minds. Despite the fact that Insurrection Act has been invoked dozens of times in recent American history — as late as the 1990s, the media gibbered and howled that it was “a military coup”. The “use of military force on US soil” was touted as America’s slide into fascism.

So, what does it say, now that Australia’s military has been called out against its own citizens, on our own soil — for the second time in just over a year?

Australia has deployed hundreds of soldiers to Sydney to help enforce a Covid lockdown.

A Delta outbreak which began in June has produced nearly 3,000 infections and led to nine deaths.

Wow. Nine deaths.

To put that in perspective, since June:

  • 2,100 Australians will have died from heart disease.
  • 1,010 Australians will have died from lung cancer.
  • 400 Australians will have committed suicide.
  • 45 Australians will have been murdered.
  • 36 Australians will have died from gastroinestinal infections.
  • In a bad influenza year such as 2017, about 150 Australians would have died, on average, over the same period.

Remember when we called out the army for any of those?

But many have questioned whether the military intervention is necessary, calling it heavy-handed.

The lockdown – in place until at least 28 August – bars people from leaving their home except for essential exercise, shopping, caregiving and other reasons[…]

Soldiers will join police in virus hotspots to ensure people are following the rules, which include a 10km (6.2 miles) travel limit.

No, of course nobody remembers the army being called out for any of the deaths listed above — because until Covid, the ADF had never been turned out against its own citizens. Not even during WWII.

Worse, the reason given for the military curfew is contradicted by the government’s own data.

State Police Minister David Elliott said it would help because a small minority of Sydneysiders thought “the rules didn’t apply to them”.

Information provided by health officials indicates the virus is mainly spreading through permitted movement.

Through permitted movement. So, “rule-breaking” isn’t the “super-spreader” the authorities claimed it would be: following the government’s own rules is spreading the virus.

The public health authoritarians claim they “need” to bring down the jackboot to “protect the vulnerable” — and the lickspittle media use misleading figures to justify their tyranny.

Australia’s rate of vaccination – 17% of the adult population – remains one of the lowest among OECD nations.

But that’s not the full story. Over 80% of Australians over 70 — the vulnerable — are vaccinated. So, they are, supposedly, “protected”. Everyone under 70 faces a vanishingly small threat from Covid, vaccinated or not.

Yet, these Covid dictators are turning the Australian army out against Australians for the first time in our history.

Worse, they are turning the Army out against Australians who desperately need to work.

The outbreak has largely affected critical workers and large family groups in the city’s poorer and ethnically diverse west and south-west suburbs[…]

Critics say those areas have already faced “targeted” policing measures. They point out restrictions there are harsher than for the rest of Sydney.

“Our people are one of the poorest demographics, and as it is, they already feel picked on and marginalised,” said Steve Christou, one local mayor.

They can’t afford to pay the mortgage, the rent, the food or work. Now to throw out the army to enforce lockdown on the streets is going to be a huge issue to these people,” he told SBS[…]

The Australian Lawyers Alliance, a civil rights group, called the deployment a “concerning use” of the army in a liberal democracy.


Using the military against a nation’s own citizens has long been regarded as the act of a tyrant. In one of the most famous episodes in history, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon — the border between Rome proper and its Gaulish provinces — at the head of his 13th Legion. This act was an open declaration of war on the Roman Republic and made Caesar dictator.

Australia is crossing a very dark Rubicon. One from which it seems ever-more-likely we won’t return easily.

No, this isn’t some Third-World tinpot junta, it’s Australia. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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Has Australia Crossed the Rubicon?

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