Nicole McKee 
ACT Justice spokesperson

The ACT caucus has today agreed to support the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill at first reading, but we have serious concerns about the current state of the Bill.

ACT agrees that nobody should be forced into treatment to try to change their sexuality. Those practices are wrong and should be outlawed. This law should stick to addressing that issue.

Instead, this Bill overreaches. In its current state it says parents are unable to have a say in whether their pre-pubescent children take hormone blockers if they want to change their gender.  

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi has been unable to say whether parents will be criminalised if they stop their own child from taking medication that would take a huge toll on their bodies.

Parents should be able to parent their children without the threat of being criminalised.

ACT believes this Bill should have the chance to make it to Select Committee so constructive changes can be made. We will evaluate our support for it following those changes.

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ACT Will Support Conversion Practices Bill at First Reading
Nicole McKee

Nicole McKee

ACT List MP | Rongotai