Today in Rock History is a music orientated segment where we would like to encourage readers to share their thoughts and tastes in music and discuss the various aspects of any music topic. This post is not limited to rock music. You are encouraged to bring anything music-related along that you would like to share, either by typing the name of a song and artist into the comments section or by sharing a youtube, Vimeo, Spotify or SoundCloud link. If you are unsure how to add a link, simply write the name of the song and the composer and someone may very well do it for you.

Music is a huge part of peoples lives even if we aren’t all music enthusiasts. Music is all around us in advertising, background noise in shops and on the streets. It’s inescapable when you have teenagers but for most of us, it is a huge part (if not a ritual) of our lives that we feel close to.

So kick back and enjoy Nechtan’s Today in Rock History playlist and see what new gems you discover.

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1943, songwriter, singer and guitarist Tony Joe White.

Born today in 1946, Andy Mackay songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Roxy Music.

Born today in 1946, Keith Ferguson bassist with The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Born today in 1947, songwriter and singer David Essex (David Cook).

Born today in 1950, Blair Thornton guitarist with Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Born today in 1952, John Rutsey original drummer with Rush.

Today in 1966, The Troggs went to number 1 on the US Cashbox Best Sellers chart with “Wild Thing”.

Today in 1964, The Beatles went to number 1 on the UK singles chart with “A Hard Day’s Night”.

Born today in 1965, Slash (Saul Hudson) songwriter and guitarist with Guns N’ Roses.

Today in 1969, The Rolling Stones

went to number 1 on the UK singles chart with

“Honky Tonk Women”.

Died today in 1980, Keith Godchaux singer, songwriter and keyboardist with

The Grateful Dead in a car accident aged 32.

Today in 1983, The Police went to number 1 in the US album charts with


Today in 1988, Def Leppard went to number 1 on the US album chart with


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