Both ‘Pravda’ One News and ‘Fake’ Newshub did a paid Labour Party hit job on National on Tuesday night by deliberately twisting Paul Goldsmith’s comments on colonisation. The comment he made that overall Maori had benefited from colonisation is incontestably patently correct. Anyone trying to deny that fact is inherently wrong.

Newshub, courtesy of two hack journalists in the form of Tova O’Brien and Jenna Lynch made a shabby attempt at taking Paul Goldsmith’s comments out of context trying to portray them as racist. This was a purposely, excessively long item and demanded a strong rebuttal from all National MPs. Unfortunately, that is not what we got. Tova, Jenna and Jacinda must be doing high fives over their bubbles.

National need someone to educate them on strategy. Newshub picked off the MPs they knew would give the answers in the tenor they wanted and these MPs obliged.

Christopher Luxon and PM Jacinda Ardern

Memo to National and those MPs: You are not going to get anywhere singing from the Labour Party song sheet. If you sincerely believe the words you spoke in answer to the questions then you do not belong in the National Party. If you gave the answers because you thought that was what the public wanted to hear you are wrong and are not helping the National Party.

National Party supporters are not woke. There are 400,000 voters out there you lost at the last election that you need to get back. These people will not be lured back by Labour-speak.

If they want that they will stick with Labour. The only way the National Party can form a Government after the next election is to come up with policies and a narrative that is in stark contrast to the Government’s. What National achieved on Tuesday night was to look like a divided party, exactly what the mischievous despicable Tova was wanting.

National, you need to wake up. This Government is paying and controlling the media to go after you. The strategy needs to be decided and determined by the caucus so everyone is on the same page. Never again must the party be hijacked by the media in such a way. All MPs should have backed Goldsmith because what he said was correct. The party has to look united at all times. They have to look like a team. The views expressed should be those of the party, not of individuals.

TV One News, courtesy of Maaki Sherman, also had a go at Peter Goodfellow and the mess National is in. What a coincidence, a similar item on both channels on the same night. I presume this is an attempted diversion from the loopy bridge announcement, the Covid shambles and nurses striking. The media have been paid off twice to do their master’s, or in this case, mistress’s bidding and are obliging.

National need to be very wary and have their political antennas up at all times. They handed the not so bright Kelvin Davis the opportunity to say that this is why NZ history needs to be taught in schools. What history Kelvin? The one that suits your narrative by the looks of it.

National need to learn a big lesson here. The media have been paid to do a job. Andrea Vance’s article proves it. This sort of gutter journalism will continue right through to the next election. It is reflective of the low life strategies employed by this Government and the less than professional journalists who are only too happy to implement them.

National need to stand up to them and get the message out about the tactics being employed by Ardern and her friendly cohorts in the media. It is nothing short of disgraceful and the National Party need to recognise it as such.

Tuesday night’s effort was not a good look. It was a train wreck.

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Memo to National – Goldsmith Should Have Been Supported

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