Boy, the lab-leak theory is really booming! Now that the mainstream media have conquered their allergy to the former “comic book conspiracy theory”, they’re reporting all kinds of stuff we in the independent media outlets have been telling you for most of the past year.

There is compelling if circumstantial evidence that the virus might have been engineered by Chinese military scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We knew that, and we’ve been telling you for the past year, when the mainstream media wouldn’t.

But the FOI obtaining of Dr Anthony Fauci’s emails is unearthing even more damning stuff. As we reported, President Trump wanted to investigate the lab leak theory (and hold China financially responsible for the pandemic damage, if true), but was stymied by the Deep State – some of whom were deep in cahoots with the WIV itself.

But, wait! There’s more!

Senior US Government officials were highly concerned with how early China had developed a vaccine for Covid-19.

The officials investigated the possibility vaccine development began prior to the time Beijing admitted to the World Health Organisation there was an outbreak on December 31, 2019. They raised the explosive issue in an internal report without forming any conclusions.

“It may seem likely that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been researching a vaccine before the outbreak,” the State Department analysis authored by Miles Yu stated.

Why would the WIV be researching a vaccine for a virus that they claim did not know about and, cross their hearts, did not come from their lab?

Patent applications “may give credence to the following possibility: prior to the surprise outbreak in its close vicinity, WIV had possessed the novel coronavirus in its lab and had known of its lethality and pathogenicity for a while. It had been actively researching a vaccine before anyone else could succeed, thus giving China the sole patent right.”

Behind all this is the typical sort of outright intellectual property theft that China has been getting away with – to the tune of billions every year – for far too long. And, of course, a very familiar name.

In mid-January 2020, Dr Fauci donated free Remdesivir samples to China for an experimental clinical trial to see if it was effective against Covid-19.

Remdesivir was an American invention, developed by Fort Detrick scientists and the American pharmaceutical company GILEAD, using taxpayer funds.

After Dr Fauci donated the samples, the Wuhan Institute of Virology compiled a commercial patent for the same treatment on Jan. 19 — before it had even acknowledged human-to-human transmission – in a case of likely intellectual property theft.

“It raises the possibility that WIV has been researching a COVID-19 vaccine of its own all along, and would like to prevent GILEAD’s Remdesivir from entering the Chinese market,” the State Department analysis prepared for Mr Pompeo states.

“Filing a patent requires lengthy documentation, clinical statistics and international national legal opinions. It normally would take months or even years to prepare and compile the application, rather than a few days.”

But, aside from stealing and copying remdesivir, Chinese military scientists had a patent application for another COVID vaccine ready to go, in the earliest days of the pandemic.

The investigation for the book discovered that Chinese military scientists also filed a patent application for a Covid-19 vaccine, different from the Remdesivir dupe, on February 24, 2020.

The applicant is listed as the Institute of Military Medicine, Academy of Military Sciences of the PLA and the lead inventor is military scientist, Zhou Yusen.

Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University in Australia, who has developed a Covid-19 vaccine, said the early time frame left open the possibility the Chinese scientists were working on a vaccine before authorities admitted there was a coronavirus outbreak.

Worse, even as the pandemic was breaking out of China, and Chinese officials were filing suspicious patent applications, their apologists in the West were possibly conspiring to conceal China’s culpability.

On February 3, 2020, the National Academies of Sciences convened a meeting, with “how to fight misinformation” as its key discussion point. Who was at the meeting? Oddly enough, scientists who had spent decades working with the WIV, including on dangerous gain-of-function experiments. To the surprise of no one, China’s pals in US scientific circles quickly manufactured a bogus “consensus”.

“The Intelligence Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not man-made or genetically modified,” the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in the April 30, 2020 statement.

The statement was false; there was no consensus. More than 30 internationally renowned scientists signed letters to call for an inquiry into a potential lab leak.

The Australian

They do love them a “consensus”, though. It’s the easiest way to shut down nasty questions and cover up certain dirty secrets.

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