Say what you like about the Poms, but they know BS when they see it. The Evil Empire is pushin‘ but the Brits ain’t buyin’. Steerpike from The Spectator UK explains.

A new poll by Redfield and Wilton — with a sample size of 1,500 – found that more than three in four Brits believe China is to blame for the coronavirus crisis, with 42 per cent saying the country’s regime is ‘significantly to blame’ and a further 34 per cent agreeing it is ‘somewhat to blame.’ This compares to just 15 per cent who ‘don’t know’ and less than one in ten or 9 per cent who believe China is ‘not at all to blame.’ 

[…] The World Health Organization’s trip to Wuhan in February to investigate the origins of the virus was notably hamstrung by China refusing to hand over key data. Scientists on that tour were limited to visits organised by their hosts with the US national security adviser warning he had ‘deep concerns’ about the initial findings. The public appear to back a hawkish stance on such an inquiry, with some 68 per cent supporting the imposition of sanctions on China ‘if it fails to allow a full investigation into whether the coronavirus originated from a lab leak.’ This compares to just 14 per cent who disagree compared to 18 per cent who ‘don’t know.’

[…] Clearly, for all the bombastic talk by Liu Xiaoming – China’s recently departed ambassador to Britain – of a new ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy, efforts to shape public opinion via Western social media are failing. This poll’s findings follow a report earlier this month by the Oxford Internet Institute which revealed that the country’s rise on platforms like Twitter has been based on a straw army of fake accounts merely retweeting Chinese state media and diplomats tens of thousands of times.

The Spectator UK

And like the Great Wall of China they are so obvious they can be seen from outer space. China needs to take a page from Kim Dotcom. You may have an infinite supply of money but that doesn’t mean you can buy the world.

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Poms Refuse to Buy Chinese Propaganda

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