Labour ministers are fast developing a reputation for shooting off at the mouth and getting things wrong as a result. Jacinda Ardern has attacked two lowly paid workers as she seeks to shift blame from lackadaisical border controls. The Police Minister blamed gangs rather than her own department for the escalation in gun violence and now Stuart Nash is mouthing off about live animal exports:

Nash was pretty emphatic in his statement that New Zealand was the only country conducting live animal exports.

He was of course wrong.

The following list from Wikipedia is of countries with live animal exports. Data is for 2019, in millions of United States dollars, as reported by International Trade Centre. Currently the top twenty countries are listed.

#CountryValueMain exports
1 France2,400Cattle, Horse, Pig, Chicken and Bovine
2 Netherlands2,297Pig, Horse, Chicken and Cattle
3 Denmark1,547Pig, Cattle, Chicken and Horse
4 Germany1,504Chicken, Cattle, Horses, Pig and Turkey
5 Canada1,492Cattle, Pig, Horse, Bison and Turkey
6 Australia1,486Cattle, Horse and Sheep
7 United States1,053Chicken, Horse and Cattle
8 Mexico831Cattle, Bovine and Horse
9 Spain796Cattle, Pig, Sheep and Chicken
10 Belgium753Pig, Cattle, Chicken and Insects
11 United Kingdom726Horse, Chicken, Sheep and Turkey
12 Hong Kong570Horse and Reptiles
13 China509Pig, Bovine, Primates and Reptiles
14 Ireland509Horse, Cattle and Pig
15 Sudan502Sheep, Bovine, Goat and Camel
16 Romania489Sheep, Cattle, Chicken and Bovine
17 Hungary469Cattle, Chicken, Sheep and Pig
18 Brazil456Cattle, Chicken and Bovine
19 Thailand381Cattle, Pig and Bison
20 Czech Republic376Cattle, Pig, Chicken, Goose and Turkey

So, contrary to Stuart Nash’s emphatic claims that New Zealand was the ONLY country utilising live animal exports, the fact is we are not alone and, worse for the minister, we aren’t even in the top 20 countries doing so.

This is just going to hand even more market share to Australia.

Yet again this government has chosen to throw an industry under their virtue signalling bus.

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Stuart Nash Opens Mouth, Inserts Both Feet
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