Can we keep Michael McCormack as Acting Prime Minister? In just two days, Big Mac has done more to take the fight up to the left than Scott Morrison has done in nearly three years.

First, McCormack got the left’s knickers in a twist by attacking Twitter’s ban on US President Donald Trump, and by correctly noting that the violent, unhinged “Black Lives Matter” movement – with the explicit encouragement of the media and the left – had committed far worse crimes than the Capitol protesters. McCormack also pointedly refused to join the conga line of leftist cretins and “condemn” the President.

Now “Big Mac” has sent the left into a shrieking meltdown by daring to suggest that all people, of all colours, are equally worthwhile.

Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack has stepped up his comparisons between last week’s pro-Trump insurrection at the US Capitol and the Black Lives Matter protests of last year, using a controversial catchcry often favoured by hard-right activists in Australia and the US.

Note the ad hominem fallacy, there, not to mention the deliberate conflation of opinion with reporting. “Hard-right” is a journalist’s opinion, not a fact. More to the point, it matters not one whit whether the phrase is favoured by the right, the left or the local Apex club: is it a reasonable opinion?

If the left and their media lapdogs would care to explain why all lives do not matter, then I’d like to hear it. Because arguing otherwise sounds an awful lot like racism, to me.

After only two days acting in Scott Morrison’s role, Mr McCormack has become the centre of Labor’s attacks on the government for his refusal to criticise US President Donald Trump’s incitement of the US Capitol riots, and for his comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Nationals leader has also defended controversial government MPs George Christensen and Craig Kelly, who have posted pro-Trump and COVID-19 conspiracy theories for months.

“Conspiracies” being the empirically demonstrable fact that hydroxychloroquine can be an effective treatment against the Wuhan plague, and that lockdowns and mass mask-wearing either do not work or are nowhere near as effective as proponents claim.

Nor did Trump “incite” anything: yet again, the media are blatantly lying.

And McCormack is absolutely right about BLM.

“Irrespective of what the agenda of that (BLM) protest (was), the fact is there was violence, there was destruction … and there (were) lives lost,” he said. “There are a lot of people out there who are being a bit bleeding-heart and who are confecting outrage, but they should know that those lives matter too. All lives matter.”

Like a yapping Pavlov’s cur, Labor immediately began chasing its tail and snapping and whining.

Opposition health spokesman Chris Bowen called on Mr McCormack to apologise for saying “all lives matter”.

The Australian

So, Chris Bowen thinks it’s offensive to aver that all people, no matter what their skin colour, equally deserve to be treated with dignity?

If all lives don’t matter, Chris, kindly inform us just which lives you think don’t matter, so we can know exactly what kind of racist you are.

Meanwhile, I’m backing “Big Mac” for PM.

Oh, please… do it. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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