Whereas New Zealand’s prime minister and foreign minister rushed to join the clucking claque of pearl-clutching cretins cheering on the un-personing of US President Donald Trump, at least a few in Australia’s government have scrabbled hard and found the withered remains of what once passed as “principles”. The opposition of course, have whole-heartedly joined the hooting simian chorus of faeces-flinging leftist baboons. But one or two Coalition politicians have, stunningly, mounted at least a half-hearted defence of the right of the (nominally) most powerful man in the world not to be silenced by an unelected cabal of the super-rich.

Senior Morrison government ministers have slammed the silencing of outgoing US president Donald Trump by social media giants after the pro-Trump siege of the Capitol.

Josh Frydenberg and Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack spoke out against Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Mr Trump days before he leaves ­office next week, as Labor welcomed the move to kick the ­Republican leader off most major social media channels.

The lefties got their panties in an even bigger bunch when the Acting PM made the perfectly valid observation that the Silicon Valley censors stood by and did nothing while whole American cities descended into violent anarchy, leaving a multi-billion-dollar damage bill and dozens murdered, at the behest of an unhinged, racist, leftist conspiracy theory.

Mr McCormack has also been attacked for comparing the US Capitol siege — which left five people dead and was the first time congress has been successfully stormed since 1814 — to last year’s Black Lives Matter protests.

Frydenberg made a more milquetoast defense of free speech, mumbling the standard, yeah-but-no-but-yeah-but, excuses about “private companies”, which sit strangely at odds with his assertion that “freedom of speech is fundamental to our society”.

McCormack at least came out swinging.

Mr McCormack went further on Monday, saying the bans on Mr Trump’s social media ­accounts were “censorship”.

“There’s been a lot of people who have said and done a lot of things on Twitter previously that haven’t received that sort of condemnation or indeed censorship,” he told ABC radio.

“But I’m not one who believes in that sort of censorship.

The Australian

The Australian, meanwhile, is going down the same cuckservative path as Fox News, reaching for the vapours and falling over itself to wail about that dreadful man.

The Labor opposition, of course, is slavishly kow-towing to the censors and abandoning any shred of principle.

These people really seem to think that handing complete control of the public sphere to a tiny, unelected clique of the richest people on the planet is somehow going to end well.

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