The political use of terror is intended to win, as its name suggests, by terrorising its target. Fundamentally, terrorism aims to create disorder and demoralise a society, weakening its resistance. When inflicted by powerful groups, the purpose of terrorism is to enforce obedience and frighten populations into submission.

It’s only by understanding the campaign of widespread violence being enacted by the Black Lives Matter group as terrorism that some of its more bizarre acts begin to make sense.

For instance, BLM thugs have torn down a statue of the great black Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and defaced Copenhagen’s iconic Little Mermaid, labelling it a “racist fish”. Now, they’re coming for the elks.

Thursday night in Portland, Antifa and BLM rioters set fire to a 120-year-old statue of an elk, causing it such extensive damage that it had to be removed. They’ve accordingly come in for some mockery on social media, as people […] take the destruction of the elk statue as a manifestation of the same stupidity that led rioters who proclaimed they were out to destroy monuments to slave-holders to target statues of General Grant and Abraham Lincoln.

But this is to underestimate the minds behind BLM. Many, if not most, of its supporters may be ignorant to a fault, but the leadership knows exactly what it is doing and why.

In the first place, the rioters aren’t really out to bring about a societal repudiation of “racism” or “white supremacy” at all […] What the rioters want to do is the very definition of terrorism: to strike fear into the hearts of a population so that its entire existence is consumed by it, and it becomes paralyzed, unable to act even in its own defense.

The term “terrorism” is often as grossly over-used as “racist” or “Nazi” – but in this case, it’s more than apt.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are terrorists not just because they are open Marxists who want to destroy the United States as a free republic and establish an authoritarian socialist state in its place; they’re also terrorists because terror is one of their principal tactics. They want to make you afraid. They want to make you think the ground is unsteady beneath your feet, that the old order is crumbling, and that they represent the new, energized vanguard, or what another terrorist, Osama bin Laden, called “the strong horse.” They also want to make you think that at any moment, you yourself could be targeted and destroyed, even if you’re as innocent of wrongthink and unacceptable political opinions as the Portland elk.

This is why someone as previously impeccably Woke as J K Rowling has been targeted by the mob. When you see sports organisations falling over themselves to “take a knee” and prostrate themselves before the altar of violent black supremacy, you’re seeing just how effective the terror has been. When Hamilton in New Zealand removes statues, they are showing just how terrified of the New Red Guards they really are.

Terror is as fundamental to BLM as it was to the original Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution.

In that, they emulate every Marxist state that has ever existed. In his monumental Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn explains that the law-enforcement apparatus of Stalinist Russia wasn’t in the least interested in the justice of what they were doing […] Once news of [an] arrest got out […] neighbors would be well and truly terrorized: The authorities were always watching, always ready to act, always vigilant, and to all appearances arbitrary. The only hope, and it was a slim one, of avoiding arrest and a term in the gulag was to toe the Soviet line with fanatical scrupulosity […]

The destruction of Portland’s elk statue is a warning to the rest of us: you’re next. Millions of Americans are getting the message and nodding obediently […] not because they’re true believers, but because they’re afraid: I know a man whose entire neighborhood has begun displaying Black Lives Matter signs, at the invitation of Leftist activists who politely knocked on their door and asked them to do so. When they came to him, he readily agreed: He knew that unspoken subtext was that if he did not, things would not go well for him in the future.

Many of the masterminds behind the BLM Terror are the same aged fanatics who, in a fit of pique at losing the 1968 election, declared war on America and unleashed daily bomb attacks for the next decade and more. America collectively ignored them then. As November draws nearer, we can only hope that the steadfast common-sense of middle America once more prevails against the fury of the left and the cowardice of the elites.

These may seem like senseless acts, but they’re far from it. The BFD.

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