As reported in The BFD, Britain’s decision to bar Huawei from its 5G network currently leaves New Zealand standing alone as the only member of the Five Eyes alliance to allow the Chinese company to access its 5G network.

The only member of the alliance to make up its mind yet is Canada. The US’ northern neighbour is coming under intense pressure from Beijing. When Canada complied with a US extradition request for a Huawei executive accused of fraud (the Huawei boss’ daughter, no less), China promptly retaliated by detaining several Canadian citizens.

So, which way will the Trudeau government jump to the crack of the Huawei whip? If the Canadian PM’s increasingly obeisant stance toward China is any indication, it doesn’t bode well for the future of the alliance.

The Trudeau government has suggested that all Canadians should avoid bringing up China when they discuss the coronavirus pandemic, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

The Treasury Board has told their employees that the origin of the virus is an irrelevant factor, saying “don’t blame any age group or people from a specific country, ethnicity or race for the spread of Covid-19″[…]

As well as this, another federal body—this time, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety—told their employees that they “should be aware of social stigma and micro-aggression.”

This is a pathetic straw-man argument. We know very well which country (or its government) is responsible for the spread of the Wuhan virus. Acknowledging the plain fact that China’s regime is responsible is not the same as blaming the Chinese as a race.

Yesterday, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer criticized the prime minister’s stance on China, telling Canadians not be fooled.

Scheer accused the prime minister of only being more fierce with the Chinese regime after he saw polling data which revealed the Canadian public having an overwhelmingly low view of Beijing.

“Don’t be fooled by Mr. Trudeau’s phony statements about China right now,” said Scheer.

Trudeau’s fawning attitude to China is well documented. Trudeau’s ministers have refused to even say the word “Taiwan”, or admit that Beijing lied about the origin or scale of the pandemic. Trudeau’s health minister even claimed, apparently with a straight face, that, “there’s no indication the data that came out of China was falsified in any way”.

Trudeau himself has literally walked away from questions about Beijing’s record of lies. Trudeau has also refused to criticise China for its arbitrary detention of Canadian citizens for over 500 days.

Meanwhile, his foreign minister praised the Chinese regime for sending Canada broken medical equipment.

Good luck, Canada.

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