Due to our nation’s fortunate isolation, our COVID-19 situation was a small demographically isolated ‘outbreak’ and not a pandemic or an epidemic.  

Together my darling wife (40 years plus in the medical profession) and I discussed the daily data. We acknowledged that our hospitals were never overloaded, and taking into consideration other factors we concluded that the level 4 lockdown should have been finished after two weeks.

Neither of us is an expert but we do possess some modicum of common sense. After two weeks the government should have encouraged New Zealand to immediately go to level 2 or 1 with a view, when appropriate, to reopening the borders with similarly isolated countries such as Australia, Taiwan and some Pacific Islands.

History may show that strict New Zealand border controls should have been imposed when ‘recommended’ in February 2020. If they had done so, more of the economy would have continued functioning, similar to Australia and Taiwan.

The ease with which New Zealanders complied with the lockdown was wholly due to the fear instilled by the current government. The government, like most western countries, used faulty non-peer-reviewed computer modelling from Imperial College, all very much aided and abetted by the compliant, left wing mainstream media.

200,000 people on average in New Zealand are estimated to come down with the ‘normal’ influenza each year. The influenza-related death numbers are estimated at 400 to 500 a year, (i.e. more than the road toll), even with an available backup of flu vaccines. Compared to the unfortunate deaths of 21 souls who died with COVID-19 the continuation of this level 2 lock-down makes no sense at all.

When shopping last Saturday, we could see that some people were still afraid and unsure, even at an age group around half of my 66 years. The good news is that most showed no paranoia at all! By continuing these nonsensical restrictions this Government is not being kind or caring to the people of New Zealand.

I believe a centre-right government could have utilised our geopolitical advantages to grow our economy domestically, and cultivated new export markets overseas, instilling confidence and well-being within our nation and drawing overseas investment. But what do we have now? Our current PM is ‘offering’ extra holidays and a four-day working week whilst inflicting hard left socialism onto our country with a resultant long-term debt. This is not a strategy for our future.

To facilitate a positive future, the domestic and international business fraternity need to trust this government. I cannot perceive how that can happen. 

I expect this government to string this level 2 or 1 out, whilst continuing to pay the wage subsidy for as long as possible leading up to the election. Ardern knows that she has to shelter her supporters from the inevitable recession long enough for her to get Labour across the finish line.

New Zealand now has a new competent National Party opposition leader and deputy, but who knows how they will fare in the months leading up to the election as it is still early days. 

However, when considering all the current government’s incompetence, along with their natural lack of business acumen, this election is up to the National Coalition to lose. 

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Max is a retired NZ/Australian businessman, Company Director and CEO who is an ardent supporter and protector of Western Values. His incentive for continuing to research and write is based on curiosity and a search for meaning born through a desire to validate facts and share provocative debatable topics. To live is to question. I have never voted for nor support the NZ First Party. My voting tendency, though not fixed, is ACT Party and National electoral vote.