I spent a considerable amount of time prior to writing this article searching for suitable words to describe the Prime Minister. A “piece of work” seemed the most applicable. The definition of a piece of work is a very unkind or unpleasant person, but like many bullies, not without charm. I think we have all seen a lot of that since she was given the job.

From the outset, Jacinda was never up to the task. Her persona reflects this, as depending on the situation you get either get the charm or the unpleasantness. There are many examples but an obvious one is Christchurch last year. Her empathy and charm were very much in evidence. She exuded kindness, something she often talks about, slobbering over everyone like a St Bernard.


Fast forward to COVID-19 and we get the unkind and unpleasant Jacinda. People are not allowed to see their dying loved ones. We are all effectively locked up. She gives herself, and the Police, what may yet turn out to be illegal powers. Instead of passing appropriate laws, Parliament went into recess and she took centre stage.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has used scare tactics in terms of modelling numbers, sometimes adjusted, to suit her narrative. A large number of people have been frightened into thinking death was imminent if they weren’t locked up in their bubbles. Time has since shown this to be nonsense, but it was surprising how many she managed to terrify. One poll showed that the majority of the population were reluctant to return to work under level three. People seemed to believe that without Jacinda as their Saviour the future was indeed bleak.

What these people don’t realise is the future she has inflicted on them is a damn sight bleaker. Jacinda and ex WHO man Dr Bloomfield have been totally fixated on the health issues and instigated rulings with no thought to the economic consequences. There has been no balance in regard to the health issue on the one hand and the economy on the other. The entire population has been incarcerated while the small number of deaths have been seniors, mostly with underlying health issues. An economy has been largely needlessly destroyed.

Why? The answer is control, which plays a large part in the left wing agenda. This is their moment in the sun, their opportunity to take away civil liberties, to inflict economic pain to the point where we all become comrades, the proletariat, totally dependent on the Government. Jacinda has admitted this is her idea of a socialist nirvana. A frightening thought and a misuse of the word nirvana. Nothing could be further from the truth. The proof of the left game plan is obvious in America where all States keen to reopen their economies are run by the right. Those who aren’t keen are governed by the left. The Governor of California says he’s not opening up the economy completely until there’s a vaccine.

The big failure of the left is in not realising that while the capitalist style economy is not perfect it is the best there is. Capitalism to them is a dirty word and they would prefer the socialist economic doctrine, seemingly ignoring what that has done to the likes of Venezuela. Having got us into this situation Jacinda will be in no hurry to get us out of it. Not that she or her Finance Minister will have the faintest idea anyway. Their idea will be to implement policies that will get us all used to Government control and dependency.

This could well backfire spectacularly on Jacinda by September as people wake up to the effects of her socialist agenda. Most people want to work but many won’t have a job to go to. Even now there is talk of a complicated path into level two with a staged introduction. This is not being received well by the business community. Restaurant and cafe operators are not happy. They have the same overheads but will have to cut down on numbers to accommodate the stupid social distancing. Does Jacinda really believe the whole workforce is going to obey this nonsense? It’s beyond time we were treated as adults and not brought down to her level.

Bob Jones, in an article on The BFD this week said, “Mark my word. Watch the public mood change in political polling over the next few months as the public wake to the appalling mishandling of the virus issue.” In my view, he could well be right. Mike Hosking is of the same opinion. Jacinda is so fixated on using this event to further her agenda she fails to see the enormity of the damage she is doing not only to the country but very possibly herself and her party.

With any luck, she’ll be gone, but unfortunately we’ll be left to deal with the excrement she has left behind.

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