Even as we are being locked down and impoverished by the response to the Chinese virus pandemic, it’s possible – and even important – that we find something in all the craziness to have a laugh at. Every joke is a tiny revolution, after all.

The BFD’s daily Laughter is the Best Medicine is one outlet for our readers to share jokes and memes. Meanwhile, here’s some news stories to ease the gloom.

Politicians too often seem to be in a race to show who’s “toughest” on lockdowns. That’s coming back to bite some of them.

The mayor of a small city in Illinois admitted on Monday that police had busted his wife at a bar just days after he had ordered citizens to stay home and watch their children.

“These are very serious times and I’m begging you to please stay at home,” Alton Mayor Brant Walker said on Saturday. “Parents, please keep your kids at home, doing so is vital to our health.”

On Monday, Walker said officers had found his wife, Shannon Walker, at a downtown bar at around 1 a.m. the previous morning. Hiram’s Tavern was operating in defiance of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s statewide lockdown[…]

Walker promised to show his wife no mercy.

Say no more! The BFD.

Some Democrat politicians are giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a run for her free money in the “Not-the-Onion” stakes.

Chuck Schumer was roundly mocked this week after photos emerged of the Senate minority leader failing in his attempt to properly wear a face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Schumer announced Saturday that he had started wearing a mask while going out on walks in New York.

Obviously a mouth-breather. The BFD.

Um…I’m pretty sure that’s not how you do it, Chuck.

To be fair, ol’ Chuck wasn’t the only Democrat having a PPE malfunction. Sheila Jackson Lee – who has previously achieved fame for stating that the U.S. Constitution is 400 years old, and for asking if the Mars rover took a photo of the flag that Neil Armstrong planted – likewise apparently believes that viruses can’t enter through the nose.

I don’t know about COVID-19, but stupidity is obviously contagious in Democrat circles. The BFD.

Twitter wags, naturally, had a field day.

“That mask position is absolutely useless. Just like the space he takes up in the Senate,” tweeted Twitter user Ben Willard.

“The leader of the Democrats, the party that cannot count people standing in a corner and don’t know how to wear a mask,” one commenter said.

But surely the runaway winner is this: “They need to allow for the nose to grow when they speak”.

Then there’s the social justice car-crash entertainment of white folks trying desperately to be “offended” on behalf of minorities.

An Australian man says he was subjected to a “racist” remark about Asian people while shopping for toilet paper over the weekend.

“As I was walking towards my car, this man said, ’Hey watch out, you’ve got toilet paper made in China. It might give you bum rash,” the Sydney resident, who is not Asian, told HuffPost[…]

“I’m not Chinese myself but this is racist,” the outraged shopper told HuffPost

Meanwhile, an actually Chinese acquaintance has remarked, of these Chinese virus pinatas: “Go ahead and Buy this Pinata. Chinese like me won’t mind”.

Meanwhile, not one single damn was given in Mexico. The BFD.

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