Pauline Hanson, bless her fiery locks, has a way of throwing spanners into the smugly well-oiled machine of the left-media elite. When she wore a burqa into parliament, for example, she effortlessly highlighted the hypocrisy and pomposity of the political-media class. Leftist elites clutch their pearls, but many Quiet Australians across the vast darkness of suburbia and the regions silently nod their heads in agreement.

Hanson’s latest move is sure to have inner-city worthies spitting up their skinny almond-milk lattes, and will almost certainly be voted down, even by so-called “conservatives”. But it is one that will strike a chord with many ordinary Australians who are sick to death of seeing their kids’ schools turned into left-wing indoctrination camps.

The One Nation leader will be tabling a private senator’s bill today to stop teachers indoctrinating students with what she calls “unsubstantiated human-induced climate change and gender fluidity”.

Pauline Hanson: “What the teachers are teaching our kids in school is about life’s experiences, sexting, about historical evidence, about politics, about climate change – all these things that I think [is] teachers putting their own opinions to it, and it’s not really based on science and it’s not based on what’s true.”

Radio commentator Neil Mitchell, despite agreeing with Hanson that teachers are indoctrinating, is apparently unable to countenance backing her proposal.

Neil Mitchell: “I think at times they are [being indoctrinated], but what are we going to do, teach them from the Book of Hanson?”

This is something of a straw-man argument. Hanson isn’t asking for her, or anyone else’s, views to be given primacy. What she is asking is the perfectly reasonable demand that nonsensical junk ideology, like “gender theory”, be scrubbed from the curriculum. Mitchell is somewhat right that “balance” is a subjective idea, but it is plain to anyone who isn’t rabid leftist that teaching has become hopelessly biased.

Parents are well aware of this. There are stories of frustrated parents pulling their children from schools rather than put up with a non-stop barrage of climate change and rainbow propaganda.

“Children are easy targets of all sorts of false and left-leaning teachings and parents have had a gut full of seeing the people they entrust with teaching their children, pushing their own agendas,” Senator Hanson said.

“Children should be given balanced information, including views about political, historic and scientific matters, and they should be very strongly encouraged to think critically about what they are told and learn to make up their own informed views.

“When children graduate from school, they need skills in historic research and scientific thinking, which will support them throughout their lives.”

The Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children Bill would counteract a wide range of issues described as indoctrination of young children: including skewed versions of history taught as fact, controversial sexual programs that teach gender fluidity and realignment to infants, unsubstantiated human-induced climate change, as well as the teachings of so-called “safe” underage sex, sexting, and non-traditional sex.

“The Bill recognises parents across Australia who have concerns about biased teachings, they don’t like the teaching of non-traditional and controversial views that don’t give the full picture; they want to protect and strengthen their children, and this Bill does that,” Senator Hanson said.

“Parents want a sensible curriculum that sets their children up for meaningful, employable futures, without the distraction of false or imbalanced ideology.”

Australian taxpayers are also noticing that, despite spending ever-more-vast amounts of money, Australian education standards are plummeting.

Australian kids might not be able to read, but they know how to count imaginary genders. They can barely manage basic maths, but they can tuck their penises, strap their breasts, and write sex personals. They can’t tell a XX from an XY, but they live in constant terror of an imaginary sky dragon.

This is the gangrenous green dream for Australia’s future: dumb as a box of rocks but woke as.

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