Well, the banning of overseas investors buying property in New Zealand has worked a treat. Another figment of this helpless COL’s imagination. Considering only 3% of property sales were to overseas investors it was obvious from the start it was a never a contributing factor towards the lack of available houses for first home buyers, nor a cause for the rapidly rising property values.

It is inconceivable that this legislation was hailed as a practical way to make a difference. It appears the 40% of first home buyers with Chinese sounding names that Twyford identified as the cause of the problem, were in fact Kiwis. How do this clown and Ardern sleep at night?

Bridges, why aren’t you asking this question? You claim you will reverse the ban on overseas purchases but have failed to explain why. The cost of housing has continued to rise and Labour’s embarrassing, immature and racist solutions are the reasons why you have had to restore the status quo, otherwise, the lies will continue to influence the gullible. Expose the lies. This administration has lied through its teeth and 40% of the population have been blinded by the Ardern sideshow.

Almost their entire manifesto is a work of fiction. Everything they were going to fix after nine years of neglect has progressively deteriorated alarmingly. They have conned the electorate and it’s about time to reverse the rot. Ardern’s leadership is the main contributor. Expose her as the fraud she is. It’s time to get honest with the electorate. Otherwise, if we end up with three more years of these useless morons, it will be your fault.

Strong leadership should destroy this Government. It’s up to you Simon. No more Mr Nice Guy. Ardern is your opponent so demolish her. It’s not bullying to expose a rogue phoney.

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