BFD Political corner: Election 2020 is a new series that will feature political speeches, political ads and political campaigns on Social media from a range of different political parties in the lead up to the New Zealand election.

Today we start the series off with ACT leader David Seymour’s State of the Nation speech that was made on Waitangi Day with the theme of Make Aotearoa Great Again.

Every major media outlet in the country covered the event, including the Herald, Newshub, Stuff, TVNZ and RNZ. The mainstream media knows that ACT will be critical to the outcome of this year’s election

ACT e-mail to members.
David Seymour speaks on the State of Nation leading into the election year. Hear from him about firearms law reform, free speech, property rights, and more of the crucial issues in 2020.

New Zealand has the worst government in a generation and some voters are considering giving them another three years.

We’re doing everything we can to prevent such a disastrous outcome, but we need your help.

ACT Leader David Seymour was named 2019 Politician of the Year and ACT the most impressive political party. This State of the Nation Address is about how we can win in 2020.

ACT Facebook page

Please send us links to any speeches, social media campaigns, funny memes and any other political content promoted by NZ political parties for inclusion in this series. They don’t have to be good, they just need to be what is being used by a political party to fight this election.

I am confident that our viewers will critique the content’s effectiveness in the comments.

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