Dear Editor

I am going through a pessimistic stage over the future of New Zealand. I can see Western civilisation being defunct in about 20 years and climate change has nothing to do with it.
The problem as I see it is a combination of immigration, declining European birth rate, these stupid socialists and their tax-everything approach and the undue influence of the Muddy browns (What you get when you cross green with red: the Greens).

These idiots are succeeding in alienating the petrochemical industry and persecuting farmers. There is undue pressure to change to renewable resources (even though the generation capacity is doubtful), the alienating of social groups – think legal gun owners and now the abandonment of Christian values. There is the Islamisation of our society, the failure of ministers to supervise their portfolios and their obvious lack of business acumen. Then there are the scandals swept under the carpet, the foreign journalists’ adulation of a totally inadequate figurehead for our country, the abandonment of reason and the death of common sense and the weaponisation of our young people by those in their 40s.

And that is only a start. Seriously, I think Western society has had its day. Even Trump can’t hold the Dems in check and roll out his MAGA policies. Europe is stuffed, Soros with his countries without borders and uncontrolled immigration has seen to that. Britain has no future without separating from the French influence.

Cheerful little fellow, am I not?


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