Seventy-five years ago authoritarian bullies determined to ‘unite’ Europe under the banners of collectivism and identity politics were, thankfully, defeated. The cost was horrendous, but so were the stakes. When the forces of tyranny were defeated, “Never again” was the watch-cry.


20 years ago, genocide again reared its ugly head on European soil. For all its self-proclaimed moral superiority, the EU did nothing to stop it. Now, 75 years after V.E. Day, an authoritarian “United States of Europe” ideology is once again turning out the lights of freedom on the continent – and its bigger, uglier sibling seeks to impose the same dictatorial stamp on the entire globe.

In the West today, there are no obvious Hitlers or Stalins. Rather, faceless globalists work the corridors of the multiple United ­Nations agencies and the Euro­pean Commission to project and amplify their socialist ideology. They promote an ever-growing list of evils that is uncritically ­embraced by Western teaching ­institutions, the mainstream media and the courts […]

Testament to the influence of the corridor ideologues is the spectacle of Western children parading fear, self-loathing and guilt. “Capitalism kills”, “Revolution is our only hope”, they protest. Socialism is their utopia.

It’s not as if these ignorant children can claim to have forgotten the lessons of the past record of dismal socialist failures: socialism is spectacularly failing once again in Venezuela.

But, it’s no surprise that children are being so rigorously indoctrinated: education has been easily the most successful victory for the Long March through the Institutions.

There is a pattern here that suggests central planning. After all, is it likely the simultaneous denigration of white men, the deprivation of free speech, the politics of climate change, the push for open borders, the sharp rise in anti-Semitism and the demonisation of Christianity could be random? Call it guided ideological collaboration but it is imported from somewhere and is anything but spontaneous.

Trump is not the first president to see the suffocating hand of unelected elites stifling freedom. What Eisenhower called the “military-industrial complex” is what today is called, variously, the “Deep State” and “the Swamp”.

When Trump won in 2016, commentator Scott Adams warned that, when you set out to drain a swamp, the snakes and alligators get angry and you get swamp water on your pants. The nomenklatura jealously guards its privileges, as the vicious resistance to Brexit shows.

Trump’s “America first” policies have invigorated globalists within the US establishment. As the presidential election draws nearer and fears of his re-election grow, an unprecedented three-year crusade to impeach him has stepped up a gear. In their eagerness to topple this legitimately elected president, the Democrats, the intelligence ser­vices and the mainstream media have colluded to form what is ­effectively a partisan, hostile branch of government within the governing administration.

Yet, despite having their heads firmly wedged up each others’ arses, singing their own praises into their empty vessels, globalists are too often everything they purport to decry.

Globalists argue their mission is noble because it has a higher purpose. Only a common multilateral approach can achieve true diversity, inclusiveness, social justice and wealth and income equality. Yet, their claims are not supported by evidence. In Europe, indeed across the Western world, political polarisation has intensified.

Instances of identity politics, social division and censorship are on the rise. And […]globalists are architects of much inequality. It is their ­seductive cocktail of corporate welfare, regulatory protection and co-ordinated monetary policies that has created extensive wealth and privilege opportunities that crony capitalists fiercely defend.

As Mark Steyn has said, globalists “don’t see it because they get the full deal: an increasing share of the wealth, with the cultural benefits of great restaurants and cheap nannies…these people do not live in the world they have built for their subjects”. They really think “socialism will work this time,” because it’s worked so well for them. Just as it did for the tiny elite of Soviet nomenklatura.

The tendency is always to hope this time it’s different.

Or to feel powerless, or deluded into believing it’s not what it seems. Like a slow-growing cancer, it’s easy to dismiss the first suspicious signs. Nevertheless, the existence of Western civilisation is not preordained and its survival requires more courage, confidence and determination than is presently in evidence. The longer ­apathy prevails, the nearer the road to serfdom becomes. As Churchill warned, for every day’s delay, how much harder the toil?


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