There is no surer way to tell that you’ve crossed the border from NSW to the ACT than by the quality of the road. One minute you’re bumping along on a fairly ordinary stretch of bitumen, the next you’re gliding on air. Canberra must surely have the smoothest, best-maintained roads in all of Australia.

The public sector is no slouch at looking after itself. It should surprise not a single taxpayer that the ACT has the highest median income in Australia, by a country mile. Like so many rich people today, these public service fat cats are as addicted to virtue-signalling as they are to our money.

The last stage of South Australia’s Hornsdale wind farm comes online today. With that, the ACT, more than 1,000 kilometres away, will “officially” be powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity.

Except that that’s just another in the litany of green lies.

Only about five per cent of the territory’s electricity is generated within its borders, by a few solar farms and rooftop panels on Canberra homes.

The rest comes from the national electricity market — the grid that powers the eastern seaboard — and four-fifths of the grid’s power comes from non-renewable sources.

In other words, nearly 80% of Canberra’s electricity comes from dirty old coal and gas… and that’s on the days when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining.

The “100 per cent renewable” claim is a typically deceitful green pea-and-shells game. Only watermelons can somehow spin a maximum 20% into “100%”.

The ACT funds five different wind farms around Australia to feed energy into the national grid to make up for what Canberra consumes.

Those investments, together with Canberra’s own solar, put a stop to about 40 per cent of the ACT’s carbon emissions […]the shortfall is made up by the ACT Government’s mandatory contribution to the national renewable energy target, where it buys the equivalent amount of renewable power for 21 per cent of its total consumption.

No matter how you spin that, it still doesn’t add up to 100%. And Canberra is still consuming fossil-fuel generated electricity.

As always, the climate change scam is 100% fuelled by bullshit and taxpayers’ money.


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