By James Davidson

Society is a complicated beast. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes it tick, yet there are some foundational pillars we in the west have figured out. One such pillar is our concept of family.

The nuclear family is the bedrock of a great nation. Unlike what a left winger will tell you, there does appear to be overwhelming evidence that a two-parent household is a lot better than the single parent one.

Of course, it’s not unheard of for a single parent to raise great additions to society; but, on average, this is usually not the case.

What the nuclear family provides is strong foundations for a child to grow up to become a competent and moral adult.

The nuclear family being so key to our civilisation, its destabilisation is causing serious and real harm to our society.

The unfair treatment of fathers in family courts; the continual messaging from the mainstream that casual sex is the way to go; the rise of child poverty due to single parenthood; all of this says we are leaving our children behind.

People and their nation are intertwined. As the people’s moral structure degrades, so does the integrity of the state and vice versa.

Continuing from the previous article in this mini-series, the Jessica Yaniv story is a prime example of the ways in which society and the state have corrupted themselves so much so that, as a civilisation, we’re failing to protect the concept of the family unit.

This degeneration has led to tangible results, for example an ‘all bodies youth event’ targeting men and women, boys and girls aged between 12 – 24, where cover on the lower half of their body would be required, but anyone attending could be topless.

To make matters worse, and a little more creepy, for ’security concerns’, parents or caregivers of the young attendees would not be ‘permitted in the event’.

I assume the security concern was probably to protect paedophiles from having the s#!& beat out of them.

You might be thinking to yourself that this event was created by some fringe group and therefore there would be nothing to worry about. I wish that were true. But allowing developing girls to be seen topless by older men is apparently mainstream enough in Canada that the event was organised or supported by the City of Langley, the Langley Local Action Team, and Encompass Support Services Society to be ‘a safe, non-judgemental inclusive activity for youth within the city.’

It’s difficult to conceive that, in an ethical society which has placed ultimate importance on the protection of children, governments and youth organisations would support an event where developing girls would be encouraged to be seen topless.

But this seems to be just the sort of event that people such as our protagonist, Jessica Yaniv, would like to attend.

In the next article of this series, we will dig further into why it’s not shocking that this character would be interested in such an event. But, for now, it’s important to highlight how Jessica has been involved.

One of the problems we face in relation to her stated interest in attendance is that as we previously concluded from the advertisement above, the age range for attendees was restricted to people between 12 – 24.

This is an issue because Jessica is 32. Yet she has claimed in multiple interviews that she would have attended the event. In fact, I am fully convinced that she would have.

Which brings us to an interesting point: if Jessica is outside of the allocated age range and yet was still going to attend, does this mean Jessica had a part to play in organising the event herself, or at least has had friends who were running the event who would let her in?

This is an answer nobody is certain about right now. Jessica claims that she had no involvement in planning the event. However, from what researchers have dug up, she did send a request to the Township of Langley to provide support for the event due to her belief that it would be a better hosting location rather than the City of Langley.

Turning our story full circle and re-articulating the original argument: if it’s true that Jessica was involved in organising the event or has friendly enough connections to the organisers to let her attend even though she is over age, then we can see that the degeneration of family values is not simply a fantasy of conservatives. It is instead, a situation where dangerous people within our society have placed themselves in positions of influence to push their agenda. In this case, pursuing easy access to children.