Donald Trump expressed interest in New Zealand’s gun buyback scheme during his meeting with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern […] a conversation around our buyback […]the work that we had done to remove military style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles […] Ardern told reporters. […] during their ‘pull-aside’ discussion […], which Ardern described as “perfectly productive”.

NZ Herald

If you cut through all the jibber-jabber and useless waffle about President Trump politely showing an interest in PTPM Ardern’s gun “buyback” scheme, we need to ask what exactly Jacinda achieved for New Zealand? The answer, of course, is NOTHING!

  • No steel deal.
  • No Free Trade Agreement

We didn’t send her over there to womble on about her useless pet project the Christchurch Call, or to do a Greta Thunberg lecturing the President about the Fake Climate Emergency, or even to talk to him about how she is doing her best to disarm New Zealand’s law-abiding population. Her job was to secure a steel deal for New Zealand by getting the tariffs removed and to secure a Free Trade Agreement.

Her “Pull-aside” meeting was much like the contraceptive “Pull-out” method. Completely unsatisfactory and rarely successful.

[…]The meeting has been highly anticipated, not only because the New Zealand Prime Minister has been painted as an anti-Trump figure, but also because the Herald understands that it was Trump who sought the meeting and was particularly interested in meeting Ardern in person.

Well, how do you like them apples? The meeting didn’t happen because Jacinda Ardern had asked for it in order to try to advance New Zealand’s interests. The meeting only happened because Trump was curious about the PM who was handed her job by a minor party and who has shown no diplomacy whatsoever, calling him orange and a professional arsehole as well as joining in a march against him being democratically elected by the American people. If I were he, I would want to have a closer look at a political clown too.

Cindy is Trumped. Photoshopped image credit Rick H

I bet he was fascinated to hear her rabbit on about how she has made New Zealand safe from terror attacks by forcibly confiscating evil looking guns from law abiding citizens. I bet he stared with morbid curiosity while she told him how her Christchurch call would stop video of terror attacks being shared online. I wonder what he was thinking while listening to her? I would have been thinking, “My god, this woman is nuts! She is focused on stopping people watching a terror attack instead of being focused on stopping it happening in the first place.”

As for Jacinda herself the spin she put on her perfectly pathetic pull-aside meeting with Trump was that he is supportive of the Christchurch call but will not be signing up to it. That is like saying that I am supportive of the Labour party but will not be voting for them!

Seriously, who does she think she is kidding? I have some new shoes for her because she has earned them.


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