US vice president Kamala Harris is about as popular as a doody in a public pool. While the old saying says you can’t polish a turd, Democrats are reportedly giving it the old college try.

Vice President Kamala Harris is apparently recognizing how deeply unpopular she is with the American public; reports indicate she has hired two veteran advisers who help craft politicians’ images in order to shore up her image with the American public.

I wrote recently that Joe Biden’s selection of Harris as VP was the most inspired choice he (or his handlers) ever made. Harris was about as popular as rectal cancer with Democrat voters in the primaries. So who’d impeach even a visibly deranged old man, if it meant replacing him with someone so unlikeable that she was kicked out of the primaries at the first round?

Maybe I spoke to soon. Perhaps Biden’s crisis of cognition is getting so bad that the Dems are desperately sprinkling a spoonful of sugar on their cackling turd sandwich.

Lorraine Voles, a crisis communications expert, and Adam Frankel, a former Obama speechwriter, worked for Harris during the presidential transition and have extensive experience crafting messages from the White House and the corporate world,” The Washington Examiner reported, adding, “Among the services Voles advertises on her website, ‘crisis management’ and ‘marketing and rebranding’ earn top billing.”

“The hires come amid a sense of anxiety among some Democrats about Harris’s first year as vice president.”

Even within the Biden administration, Harris has scarcely been a star performer. Despite being personally designated by Biden to handle the border crisis that he had created, Harris didn’t even bother visiting the border for months. Harris was criticised for avoiding the tent complex holding illegal immigrant children; the one dogged by accusations of sexual abuse, Covid, lice outbreaks and serving children undercooked meat.

In mid-August, a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that a whopping 55% of respondents felt Harris was not qualified to be president. The national telephone and online survey asked, “How qualified is Kamala Harris to assume the responsibilities of the presidency?”

“Only 43% of Likely U.S. Voters think Harris is qualified to assume the duties of the presidency, including 29% who think she is Very Qualified. That’s down from April when 49% said Harris was qualified to become president. Now, 55% say Harris is not qualified to assume the duties of the presidency, including 47% who say she is Not At All Qualified,” Rasmussen wrote.

The Daily Wire

In just six months, Harris has become the least popular vice president since at least the 70s. When you’re less popular than Walter Mondale and Dan Quayle, you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

But when you’re pitching to low-information Democrat voters, whose world-view is entirely shaped by the likes of Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon, well… even a steaming turd can be successfully sold as ice-cream.

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