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Today’s comment was written by deja vu Thank you deja vu for taking the time to craft such an interesting comment.

Our entire electoral system needs to be abandoned. It does not represent the majority of voters but favours single-issue, minor parties who have far too much power over the bulk of the hard-working population. It would not be such an issue if most – or even all – their policies were not detrimental to New Zealand’s future as a whole. They’ve sold their souls to a toxic combination of the goddess Gaia and Marxism.

Their constant posturing like immature adolescents with their fashionable ‘activist’ nonsense-of-the-day is an indictment on them. Politicians are supposed to be mature in order to garner respect from the public. The cheating of the system, the posing and pretence, and the taking endless selfies of themselves for the fawning ‘twitterati’ is all the evidence we need. That they know nothing about the history of Israel, and prefer to support Hamas – which even many Palestinians oppose – shows their blatant ignorance of foreign affairs. I wonder how many of them have read the Hamas Charter? Has anyone asked them?

In addition, the MSM should should swim or sink on their own merits, not be granted subsidies from taxpayers. They are a business just like any other business, and in today’s world they’re becoming little more than propaganda sheets for the Marxist Left. It doesn’t make sense that they should constantly focus on ‘fashionable’ fringe issues, which are of little interest to the majority of hardworking citizens of New Zealand who are keeping them going. The Greens are an insult to our intelligence and an embarrassment overseas. Our undemocratic system of MMP must be reformed before the next election, or our once-harmonious nation will go down in history as just another small serf to the UN. We’re already too far down that road as it is.

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The BFD Staff

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