The Taxpayers’ Union have noticed that the only way to get the Prime Minister to do anything is to get a child to write to her.

Image credit The Taxpayer’s Union

We agree and have taken on a new volunteer to help our readers to get their concerns read by the Prime Minister.

Send your letters to the Prime Minister via e-mail to


We will send it on your behalf, complete with stars, glitter and stickers.

The BFD’s latest volunteer will write your letters to Jacinda Ardern for you. Image credit The BFD.

Letters will be printed out in a suitable child-like font (perhaps we will make it look like crayon), and we will then publish and post the best ones out via snail mail.

Send your letters to:


If the Prime Minister wants to treat us like children, then we need to communicate with her as a child does. Maybe then we will get some action on the things that matter.

We hope that Letters to the PM will become a regular feature with our readership’s help.

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Want Jacinda to Read Your Letter?

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.