Bob Jones, in a recent article on The BFD, had this to say:

It’s a sorry scene ahead of us and I say again, by election-time the Jacinda lustre will be replaced by despair and anger with the obvious electoral outcome.

I agree wholeheartedly. The backlash has already started.

In just over a month the Queenstown district has been flipped upside down. Queenstown Lakes District Mayor, Jim Boult, says it’s gone from the most successful region to potentially one of the poorest in little over a month. Unemployment could reach 30 per cent.

Those on the medical frontline have clashed with the Prime Minister over funding, rest home testing and availability of flu vaccine. Many GP practices are living hand to mouth and some may not survive. The distribution of the flu vaccine was labelled a disaster. The Pharmacy Guild was still waiting for ongoing financial support, and dentists are warning of a dire public heath problem with around 400,000 having missed appointments.

A construction company director is saying that the new compliance costs and rules are almost unworkable. He says clueless committee members set the rules which he calls “bullshit”.

More people are going into poverty under the lockdown. Food banks are noticing a dramatic rise, far busier than at Christmas. The Ministry of Social Development has given close to 70,000 food grants in a week. The Salvation Army distributed 6,000 food parcels in a week. In Wellington and Palmerston North, there’s been a 900 per cent increase of those requiring food parcels.

Owners of independent cinemas around the country are unhappy they are not getting Government support while being forced to close.

Small to medium sized business owners have vented their dissatisfaction with the Government response at the Epidemic Response Committee. One mall owner called the Prime Minister’s remarks insulting.

Talkback radio is awash with voices disagreeing with how the Government is operating. Most are saying we should be in level two. That, of course, doesn’t suit the strategy or the narrative of Ms A and Dr B at one o’clock. They are living the dream while we are living the resultant nightmare.

Every day at 1pm school convenes as we the pupils (if we are game enough to turn up to class) get a lecture from the Headmaster and Headmistress about how we should behave. Who we are allowed to see. How many we are allowed to see. Where we are allowed to go. How far we are allowed to go. What we are allowed to purchase. Where we are allowed to purchase it. How far apart we are allowed to stand. Who is allowed to leave their home. Under what circumstances we are allowed to leave our home.

The lecture over, the baa baa flock of journalist sheep get the opportunity to show what dags they are by asking one inane question after another. You have to ask who’s trying to pull the wool over whose eyes? At the end of the excruciating daily carry on you are left wondering if there aren’t more intelligent dags hanging from a sheep’s bottom. The whole charade is nothing short of an exercise in self grandiose narcissism which the silent majority, who are now starting to speak out, can see right through.

As Simon Bridges points out, this situation has gone on too long and the country must get back to work. The economist Cameron Bagrie agrees, saying the damage to both the economy and small to medium-sized businesses is massive. The couple at one o’clock, who appear joined at the hip, can carry on playing their little game but I think they are fast approaching their last throw of the dice. If I’m reading the overall mood correctly it won’t be long before the game is well and truly up.

The longer she persists with this nonsense all Jacinda is achieving is hurting those she is supposed to represent. But around the world, modern-day Labour left the workers behind some time ago in favour of the academic, Chardonnay drinking, leftist elite. Now it appears under COVID-19 it’s bubbles that are all the rage.

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The BFD. “Here’s to the destruction of NZ’s economy, Cheers!”

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Backlash Brewing

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