“Progressives” just love claiming “expert opinion” for their political conceits – except when actual experts disagree with them. Despite the opposition of doctors’ groups like the AMA and the World Medical Association, the “progressive” Andrews government steamrolled ahead with its legalised suicide euthanasia legislation.

Any worries that crossing the Rubicon of the sanctity of human life and legally and socially embracing suicide would lead to a slippery slope were hand-waved away by ‘progressive’ politicians drunk on their own self-righteousness.


More than 50 people have ended their lives under Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying laws since they were introduced in June last year, and more than 80 have obtained permits to have lethal drugs administered[…]

Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said the numbers far exceeded initial government estimates for only about a dozen people to use the laws in the first six months.

Well, I guess they can call that a success? Turns out that the enthusiasm for legally killing people exceeds even the Victorian government’s wildest expectations.

The report shows 136 people applied for a first assessment under the program, with only one of those found ineligible.

There were then 102 people who proceeded to a consulting assessment, of whom two were found ineligible.


So much for those “safeguards”. It looks suspiciously like people are just being hand-waved through the doors of the suicide booths.

It’s not as if anyone saw this coming.

Former Australian Medical Association vice-president Stephen Parnis says the fact 68 “so-called safeguards” were seen as a necessary part of Victoria’s new voluntary assisted dying laws demonstrates the risk they pose of inflicting wrongful deaths.

Dr Parnis and former AMA president Mukesh Haikerwal say none of the concerns they raised when the Andrews government introduced the legislation into the Victorian parliament in 2017 have been addressed.

They and fellow former AMA president, geriatrician Mark Yates, lobbied Victorian MPs at the time, warning the state would be heading down a “misguided, dangerous path” if assisted dying were made legal.


Hey, it’s a lot easier to bump off granny than spend all that money providing medical comfort to the useless old bag.

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien called on the government to address funding shortages in palliative care.

“We don’t have nearly enough palliative care support in Victoria,” Mr O’Brien said.

“For a lot of people who are looking at voluntary assisted dying, it’s because palliative care just isn’t available for them.


All they need now is to start turning unwanted, disposed relatives into Soylent Green. Reduce, re-use, re-cycle your dead!

Eco-friendly, progressive, and Victorian government approved. The BFD.

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