This poem was a winner in a competition run by Resilienz Ltd.
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  On Earth, love, and a climate for change 

Said Donald, ‘This climate thing is a hoax,
Just one of those crazy environment jokes,
America’s best if we just sell our soul
And carry on burning our lovely clean coal.
The scientists don’t know what they’re talking about,
They don’t really like me so I’m pulling out.’
Said Greta, ‘Though I am much younger than you
I follow the science, I know that it’s true.
It’s not personal Donald, but we think you’re a liar
And you have done nothing while the house is on fire.’
‘Chill!’ said he, ‘Go watch a film with a friend,
While I steer us all to a hot sticky end.’
Said she, ‘We all want to have fun in our youth
But we’ve already seen ‘Inconvenient Truth’,
So we’ll see ‘2040’, about people who care,
And then ‘Age of Stupid’, we might see you there.’
Then Donald got grumpy, he heard about ‘Time’:
‘The face on the cover should really be mine!’
Said she, ‘You’ve got money and power, it’s true,
But we love this planet… far more than you!’

Bruce Gilkison