Success has everything to do with good design, aptitude and commitment but has nothing whatsoever to do with bluster and hidden agendas — which is exactly why we can expect more national debt, more poverty, more unemployment, more people on benefits, more homelessness, more child abuse, more crime, more separatism and more discontent no matter who heads the next government.

New Zealand continued to fragment under the CoL with Labour unwilling to admit it and National unable to offer an alternative. Neither of them demonstrate an aptitude for the reform needed to correct deep-seated problems. Globalist Jacinda Ardern will continue selling us out to the UN, encouraging welfare dependency and hiking up government spending; while somnolent Simon Bridges’ party attracted the “Labour Lite” label as the opposition with no vision. Ardern has flawed vision and Bridges is a caretaker leader at a time when we desperately need visionaries to scrap policies well past their ‘use by’ dates.

The Treaty of Waitangi created Maori separatism, and Ihumatao demonstrates further divisions within Maori. Where is the party demanding equality, recognising the treaty as the founding document for one people and not as a weapon to cleave us into tiny pieces?

Gangs and guns. Why are honest, upright citizens denied gun rights while violent gangs freely amass weapons to protect their slice of the international drug trade and why is the latest arrival of Mexican cartels going unchallenged? 

Cost of living. What is the future for children when both their parents work long hours just to provide the basics in life?

Welfare beneficiaries. Under the CoL numbers started trending up again with 10% more people receiving Jobseeker Support in the 2019 year. Where are the policies incentivising beneficiaries to work, fairly rewarding them and penalising the able-bodied who refuse? Who will stop importing underpaid and poorly treated unskilled labour while ignoring our own natural resource being paid to sit around?

Government employees. The State Services Commission reported an employee increase of 5.8% in 2019. It congratulated itself that more women were employed, it embraced diversity, reduced ethnic pay gaps and increased overall average salaries from $77,900 to $81,300. Where is the party talking about reducing the number of government employees (and the size of government) to better spend taxpayer money or reduce the taxpayer burden, or both?

The CoL promised to reduce the level of net core Crown debt to 20% of GDP within five years of taking office and their five-year forecast was expected to achieve it. In 2017 Steven Joyce was ridiculed for suggesting that a $11.7 billion hole existed in government spending forecasts and the CoL would not achieve its target. In December last year, Joyce was proved correct when expense forecast omissions appeared. Grant Robertson promptly flashed his get out of jail card free card by changing the target from 20% to 15-25%, which at an international level is still acceptable, but the government’s cavalier attitude to budget omissions inspires no confidence in their ability to create a sound budget or achieve it.

A review of these concerns and others is well overdue. The question is, when and who will do it? We should not wait until the taxpayer burden becomes unsustainable, which is what Hungary did. Prime minister Victor Orbán describes the mess they were in, and how in 10 years they turned themselves around.

“[We were a] country [that] was on the verge of bankruptcy and trapped in the International Monetary Fund’s life-support machine. Unemployment was sky-high, families were burdened with debt, and foreign-currency debtors were virtually underwater – if that could be described as water. Despair was more than justified.”

Voice of Europe

Orbán’s leadership turned seemingly insurmountable failure into a success story.

“We sent the IMF packing, we repaid the money they lent us before the due date, we created 850,000 jobs, we put an end to freeloading, we put our finances in order, we gave workers respect and appreciation, families received recognition, large families received enhanced recognition, we launched the unification of the nation, and we connected Hungarian communities across the borders with the motherland.

And in the economic reports published this week in Brussels, the whole of Europe can read that the entire continent’s fastest-growing economy in 2019 seems to have been that in Hungary.

Orbán says the “key to upward progress is the restoration of national self-esteem”, which is also the key to Donald Trump’s 2016 win. Trump offered all Americans hope and a future.

“…we can derive our freedom from three simple Christian laws:

– we have acquired the ability to distinguish between good and bad;

– God has created all of us in His own image, so we are all equal – regardless of origin and skin colour;

– and Christianity teaches us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Europe has forgotten that the world of political freedom can be built from these laws.

What has happened and is happening in Hungary cannot be expressed in the liberal language of Brussels Eurobabble.

With a Brussels or Washington mentality, it is not even conceivable that on the EU’s eastern border there is a down-at-heel country on its knees, accounting for only about 2 percent of the entire European Union, which still declares that there is something that it won’t have: austerity.

instead it declares that there will be a Hungarian way of life, tax cuts, production instead of debt, work instead of welfare benefits, enterprise instead of sharp practice, a patriotic economy instead of globalist wheeler-dealing, national identity and character instead of servility, and Hungarian children instead of migrants.”

Hungary ditched globalisation in favour of restoring its national identity, poured money into their own economy and moved beneficiaries into decently paid employment instead of importing cheap labour. Hungary rejected the EU’s begging bowl mentality and drew on their own resources of “one thousand years of Christian statehood, monumental cultural achievements, a dozen Nobel prizes, 177 Olympic gold medals, a sublimely beautiful capital city, superb technical and IT professionals and a rural Hungary blessed with agrarian genius.” They wrote a new constitution and successfully implemented it.

We, of course, will do nothing of the sort. We will continue wasting money, ignoring dreadful social ills like gang gun violence, child poverty and child violence statistics, keep implementing separatist policy, eroding traditional Christian values and denigrating responsible citizens while still arguing about whose fault it is that we are in such a shambles.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

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