There has been some hype about the PM Jacinda Ardern rattling off a list of the achievements of the Labour-led Coalition government to the camera, complete with lots of exaggerated facial expressions and hand movements. The general consensus from the faithful seems to be that she is delightful and down to earth and so natural and inspirational.

All those things are true of course and the only problem is the lack of substance when you take away the delightful, (fake) spontaneous delivery style.

One of our commenters KatB after watching the video decided to take up the challenge to whip up a list of her own achievements couched in the same kind of spin, to illustrate the point that in reality the “Achievements” were not really achievements at all. (I just love her last point.)

So she was asked to rattle off Labour’s achievements in two minutes. I thought it was spontaneous and off the cuff when I heard this being talked about but it looks to me like she had time to prepare and it was scripted. She appeared to me to be reading it off the teleprompter as her eyes never left the screen. I guess we could all rattle off a list of achievements as long as your arm if somebody had written them out first for us and put a nice sounding spin on them.

Yesterday I –

Fed hungry children
Transported future geniuses to their institutions of learning
Financially supported a local council water feature
Improved hygiene at our house
Worked to reduce our household poverty
Improved on my personal grooming
Improved on my personal fitness
Witnessed a child receive an award we’d worked hard towards
Invested money in the food retail market
Had a conversation….or two
Formed a working group of one, to feed the hungry
Visited the sick and elderly
Financially supported the Racing Industry
Cleansed and recycled eating utensils
Undertook education from NZ’s leading Online News Outlet

Whew and that was just in 12 hours. Let’s Do This.

Well, what do you think dear readers? Are you ready to take up the Labour Party style challenge to list your “achievements” in the commenting section?


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