Avert your eyes, believe me; it’s for your own safety. You may be blinded by the sight of Ms Ardern displaying her ‘international leadership’ credentials, because from what I know of them they won’t cover very much at all. Here’s hoping, fingers crossed, she reveals herself behind a screen rather than in front of one.

In a piffle-esque puff-piece propagandising Ardern’s contribution to humanity and laughably labelled “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s UN leadership challenge” Stuff’s Luke Malpass toffees the big apple with this over-sugary spin:

“The prime minister has secured an important bilateral meeting with US President Donald Trump. Tick.”

Well; isn’t Luke just the master of important-sounding words – a ‘bilateral meeting’ – gosh, I wonder what a unilateral meeting would look like; just Jacinda standing alone in a room talking to herself? Although the truth is that it would do about as much good.

Mr Malpass immediately continues:

“But the substantial parts of her agenda – climate change and the Christchurch Call […]”

And that very stupid sentence perfectly encapsulates the far-Left’s agendas and attitudes. A meeting with the leader of the strongest economy in the world, a great opportunity to pitch for increased access to a lucrative market is ‘important’, but not the ‘substantial’ reason for Ardern’s visit to what, she imagines, is her own personal Glee Club at the wretched and rotten forum known as United Nations.

Her condescension towards President Trump was well-framed by Newshub’s Jamie Ensor:

“Jacinda Ardern may have revealed her feelings about US President Donald Trump by burying the announcement she’s meeting him near the bottom of a press release […] Normally, these things would be sung from the rooftops. Jacinda Ardern buried it at the very, very, very, very, very bottom of a press release. Fourth paragraph from the bottom after basically everything else she is doing in Tokyo and New York.”

Leadership, that ain’t. Nor wisdom or professionalism, nor common courtesy; in fact it’s stupid, but stupid is as stupid does.

Mr Malpass gets to Ardern’s actual ‘message’ with a positively ghoulish preamble that, although entirely inappropriate, accurately sums up Ardern’s ambition to forge the Christchurch murders into a personal yardstick to measure her ‘leadership’ by:

“In foreign affairs-land the Christchurch Call is a big deal. New Zealand rarely leads on global initiatives of this kind, but the Christchurch massacre threw New Zealand into a position of global leadership which Ardern intends to exploit.”

Yes; you read that correctly – the saintly woman fully intends to ‘exploit’ a murderous rampage. I guess you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do; poor thing. I should feel sorry for her, but I don’t.

I feel only contempt for the person sucked into an evil scheme euphemistically re-branded after the awful event in Christchurch but which was hatched by soul-less Macron of France a long time ago under the sinister but more accurate title “esprit de vigilance constructive” – “the spirit of constructive vigilance”. It seeks to unleash citizen against citizen in a battle of the snitches. Facebook only signed on to it to avoid the stand-over threats calling for the company’s break-up by the EU, engineered by France’s repugnant socialist bloc.

Ardern is a simple pawn, just a useful idiot, in pushing these reprehensible proposals, the systematic and quintessentially socialist suppressions of free expression that she hopes to champion and take ‘credit’ for.

I wish her nothing but complete failure, because, as with stupid, failure is as failure does. Attempting to burnish her moral and ‘leadership credentials’, and personal career options, on the bodies of the buried put down by a maniacal and extremely disturbed monster, a total stranger to the country where his crimes were committed, is the ultimate in failure. That’s neither morality nor leadership; it’s positively macabre.

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Living in Wellington idbkiwi is self-employed in a non-governmental role which suits his masochistic tendencies. He watches very little television, preferring to read or research, but still subscribes to the daily paper despite his distillation of dismay and disappointment at the very low standards of the modern press on every opening of the awful rag. He is married, to an obviously very unfortunate woman, and has a family who allegedly loves him despite his right-wing nut-job views on life and the meaning of. He believes laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you, closely, very closely, followed by wine. He hopes to reach retirement, both alive and eventually.