Owen Jennings

Dr Ben Carson, Republican presidential candidate, medical doctor and now Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has always impressed as a mild mannered, unexcitable but thoughtful kind of guy. He obviously has strong views, quite conservative, but he is by no means a red neck or extremist.

He is in a spot of bother. 

The Democrats, who seemed to have gone almost totally nuts of recent times, have introduced a resolution into the House of Representatives condemning what they say is the “transphobic history” of the Secretary. They want him ousted.

They are acting in response to comments that Dr Carson made to Housing and Urban Development employees in San Francisco expressing concern about “big, hairy men” pretending to be female in order to infiltrate women’s homeless shelters.

Carson wrote, “I made reference to the fact that I had heard from many women’s groups about the difficulty they were having with women’s shelters because sometimes men would claim to be women, and that HUD’s policy required the shelter to accept — without question — the word of whoever came in.”

He has been made aware, for instance, of girls of the Palm Springs High School water polo team who walked in on a male last week, showering in the women’s locker room at the city pool they use for team practice. The team coaches confronted the man, only to be rebuffed. He was entitled to be there, he said, since he identified as a woman—his full complement of male genitalia notwithstanding. The police declined to pursue the case, according to CBS local news, on the grounds that “no laws were broken.”

There was a “unisex” shower available but he chose not to use it.  A hallmark of many of these “trans” persons is arrogance and a lack of concern for how others may feel. They flaunt their so-called rights seeking publicity and adulation. Sadly, a media drunk on sensationalism accords them all they wish for.

A bill was put into law in New York earlier this year allowing biological men who identify as women to now have full access to women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and, even, battered-women’s shelters. Organizations such as the National Organization for Women didn’t say a word. When it comes to all things transgender that come at the expense of girls and women, America’s famously outspoken feminist organizations find themselves at a curious loss for words.

The pro-liberal lobby along with some selected “friends” are forever claiming that the moves to open up one gender only facilities like locker rooms and toilets has not resulted in an increase in assaults or crimes between sexes. They lie. There is a conscious effort to mislabel such crimes in a way to divert attention or to simply not register the assault at all. Police just don’t respond to what most thinking people would call a crime – finding someone obviously of a different gender to what is labelled on the door.

A few months ago a man exposed himself to a young girl in a women’s loo in a Target store.  She was traumatised. He was in there because Target said their policy was to allow their customers to use the toilet of their choice. Police said that could not find the offender.

The loony, left, liberals are happy they have a victory for “progress”. Who cares about a young girl being confronted by a dirty old man with his penis waving around? Not the loony, left, liberals.

Nothing recorded.  No crime.  Nothing to see here.  Move on.


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