As Aboriginal activist Jacinta Nampinjinpa Price has commented, “cultural practices” is used to paper over all manner of abuses within the Aboriginal community. “Aboriginal male perpetrators have got away with their crimes based on the argument that they were operating within their culture’s confines.” Aboriginal academic Marcia Langton agrees that “Aboriginal men and women and their government and agency partners explain…horrible situation[s] as a matter of ‘culture’ ”.

Yet another Aboriginal man is excusing vile behaviour as “culture”.

An off-duty policeman who stoned a wombat to death in a sickening video did nothing wrong, an Aboriginal elder has said.

Waylon Johncock was filmed repeatedly throwing rocks at the wombat’s head while a friend lit up the road with truck headlights on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula […]but an aboriginal elder has said Johncock, who is indigenous, was acting within his rights.

These are the “rights” under which one group of people are allowed to slaughter wildlife with an impugnity not given to any other group. Nothing racist about that at all.

Under the Native Title Act of 1993, Aboriginal people are allowed to maintain ancient customs such as hunting local wildlife.

Indigenous people in South Australia have traditionally killed wombats with rocks and Wirangu-Kokatha elder Jack Johncock said that this right must be preserved […]Jack said that people should not judge something that has been part of his culture for thousands of years.

Did they traditionally run them down with 4WDs for thousands of years, too?

However, another Aboriginal leader has rubbished Jack’s claims.

Ngarrindjeri elder Major Sumner said Waylon Johncock’s actions were ‘wrong’.

‘The way they went about it, it was just more of a joke, a fun thing for them,’ he told the Advertiser.

‘There’s no respect for that animal whatsoever […] we didn’t hunt like that. We still don’t hunt like that.’

They’re also not talking about some dirt-poor blackfella who can’t afford to shop at the local supermarket, either.

Johncock has been in the South Australian Police Force for ten years working as one of the state’s 36 Community Liaison Officers.

He is now a Senior Community Constable […] Johnock briefly played in the SANFL for Glenelg, but was a star player in country leagues around South Australia.

And he still carries on like a brain-dead, steroid-amped jock mongrel.

The video shows the wombat waddling along the road as two men in a car follow, before the Johncock steps out of the car wearing only shorts and shoes.

He starts chasing the animal before the man behind the wheel tells him to ‘get up close’.

Johncock is seen picking up a large rock and viciously throws it at the wombat’s head as both men laugh.

The wombat starts running in an attempt to get away from the men before they both chase after him […] As the man behind the wheel speeds up to keep the headlights shining on him, Johncock gives a final blow causing it to topple over…’First man I’ve ever seen kill a wombat on foot, bro.’

“First time”? So much for that “thousands of years”, then.


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