It’s Super Saturday. Vaccination en masse.  The mandate of madness continues with ‘expert’ Michael Baker now calling for 100% vaccination. In the immortal words of Michael Caton in The Castle, 1997, someone needs to “Tell him he’s dreamin’!”

Sadly, public vilification of those brave souls who refuse to conform continues. Beleaguered Thames-Coromandel District Mayor, Sandra Goudie, has declined the Pfizer jab. She has not refused to be vaccinated. She simply prefers to wait for the Novovax version which is yet to be approved for use in New Zealand. 

Despite her quite reasonable decision, she is being called out by the media, who appear to be in a feeding frenzy, keen to destroy both her convictions and credibility. I feel for her, and I hope she remains strong and courageous in the face of their call to arms.

James Shaw, our globe-trotting greenie, says of Sandra:

“People in public leadership roles should be vaccinated now to ensure the health and safety of people around them.”

Otago Daily Times, Thursday, October 14. 

In the same article Gary Gotlieb, Thames-Coromandel Councillor says that “she doesn’t deserve to be mayor.”  Gotlieb also suggests that she is encouraging “wavering” people not to get vaccinated because of her stance.

How fashionably sanctimonious are Shaw and Gotlieb?  In the words of Alexander Hamilton, British writer and broadcaster, “those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” 

Vaxxy-mcvaxhole Photoshopped image credit Boondecker. The BFD.

Are we simply compliant crash test dummies strapped into the vax bus and aimed at a rapidly approaching brick wall of uncertainty? I genuinely hope not. 

Are we compliant crash test dummies strapped into the vax bus?

I hope we will soon have the protection of an effective vaccine to safeguard us all so that we may once again live the lives we can only dream of now. 

I hope and pray that any side effects of the current vaccine do not come back to haunt us. They are, after all, not yet through their complete testing protocols. The world has not forgotten thalidomide.

As I sat in the supermarket carpark last weekend waiting for my allotted collection time slot to arrive, I watched the mask-wearers.

I saw wanna-be bank-robbers wearing bandanas tied around their faces. Scarves masquerading as masks. The pulled-up polo-neck collar of a winter woolly. Paper masks worn under noses, and under chins, and a chap who had gone full hijab under a hat and scarf and had just slits for eyes visible. 

Were they all pretending that all of those ‘masks’ protected them or were they just complying? The masks that my sample wore would not protect anybody against anything. 

Masks N95 and KN95 filter 95% particles in the air to 0.3 microns, according to qz.com and these are the only ones to offer such measurable and effective protection.  Surgical masks are not well-fitting and ‘leak’ all around. 

Not one of my supermarket sample wore a mask that did anything except possibly make them feel virtuous. 

Masks that are not properly fitted and code-verified options are a symbolic gesture of subservience.

I hope Sandra Goudie continues to challenge her detractors and stands up to their bullying tactics. How self-righteous our society has become.  We have lost our freedom of choice.

The High Court at Wellington in September this year ruled that the Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order “did not infringe on the right to be free of discrimination under the Bill of Rights Act.” The case came after a sacked individual challenged the “lawfulness” of the order. Hope is not dead though, as the ruling is being appealed.

We need more people like Sandra Goudie.

We need “defiance not compliance“.


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Crash Test Dummies of the State


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