Thursday, January 30, 2020
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    Map of the Day: Air Routes of Imperial Airways 1935

    worldhistoryfacts: Air routes of Imperial Airways, 1935. Imperial Airways later became part of British Airways, but between 1924 and 1939, it was the main air travel option throughout the British Empire. Founded to help link the various parts of the empire together, it promised travel to...

    Compulsory, Unionism by Stealth

    National party Tuesday's NZ Initiative report confirms so-called ‘Fair Pay Agreements’ will be compulsory, centralised unionism by stealth. Fair Pay Agreements will force all workers in an industry to go into union negotiations if just 10 per cent of workers...

    Crybaby of the Week

    Today's crybaby became rich and famous by promoting herself and her body shape through social media but is now feeling sorry for herself because some mean people on social media mocked her body shape while pregnant. Kim Kardashian 

    ‘Long-Term Behavioural Change’ Will Lead to Disaster

    An opinion piece in Stuff fails to grasp what will happen if the government actually succeeds in creating long-term behavioural changes in the car market by penalising normal vehicles and subsidising electric vehicles. That encouragement will likely motivate importers and car companies...

    Cartoon of the day by SonovaMin

    All cartoons as exclusively seen here are available to buy as prints directly from

    Nine More Firearms Now in the Wrong Hands?

    New Zealand police were quick to tell us that the recent stolen firearms debacle in Palmerston North was a one-off. Well, it looks like the NZ Police have been failing to look after handed-in firearms for a while now.

    Today’s Weapon of Mass Distraction

    Question: When writing about the "First baby" fails to distract the masses from the serious stuff what is a compliant media to do? Answer: Write about the long dead "First cat."

    The Insanity of the Plastic Bag Ban

    ACT party The government has banned something that makes negligible difference to pollution at massive cost of inconvenience, while the real problem remains unsolved. There is a real problem with plastic in the oceans but it is not caused by New Zealand. New Zealand's...

    Reason # 65782 why the NZ Police should no longer be in charge of administering the Arms Act

    It has been revealed that 639 people with criminal convictions in Australia were granted New Zealand firearms licences. Additionally, in the past ten years, two people were shot dead by people who had Australian convictions but who had still been able to legally obtain a firearms...

    No More Appeals: It Is Time to Pay Up

    Some court cases really should be sorted in one day because the vindictiveness of one of the participants is blatantly obvious. Right from the start of this legal case, I was firmly on the side of the people whose neighbour used a loophole in the council...