Sunday, May 31, 2020


    Andrew Little Calls ACT’s Three Strikes Law ‘Fascism’

    When your political opponents have to resort to calling your policy "fascism" you know that they don't have a strong counter-argument. Who was the idiot that thought it would be a good idea to give criminals the right to vote anyway? If they are incarcerated then...

    Move Along, Nothing To See Here!

    Anyone Keeping Track of the Clinton Body Count?

    This title is one of many tweets following the suicide in a Manhattan jail on Saturday 10 August of billionaire paedophile and convicted sex offender, 66-year-old Jeffrey Epstein, who has links to the rich and famous, particularly the Clintons who are long suspected of criminal skullduggery.

    Congratulations Stephen Cook – Winner – Outstanding News Photo – NRMA Kennedy Awards

    Stephen Cook, a former Truth journalist, who was cast aside by the NZ Herald, has won a prestigious media award in Australia.Cam worked with Stephen while at Truth and came to respect his news gathering abilities. It was Stephen Cook who also wrote the stories about...

    When is a Baby One Child Too Many?

    The answer is when you kill a breastfed baby with alcohol poisoning. This is not about abortion, although arguably this baby would have been better off not being born. Unfortunately, baby Sapphire was born into a family that did not care for her...

    Thursday Nightcap

    This video gives a background on the shooter and his far-left views.  Plus there is an analysis on the reaction/activities of the leftist media and Democrats to what is happening. Dayton Shooter Connor Betts May Be ANTIFA’s First Mass Killer!

    Alyssa Milano, Dancing on the Graves of Victims

    What is it with these 'celebrities' who think the world cares about their inane thoughts? And why do they think it is okay to use things like despicable murders to enhance their profile? Only hours after the recent El Paso shooting took place,...

    Labour Sex Scandal: The Hypocrisy of the Left

    The allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and assault within the Labour Party are very serious. There are accusations of rape. There are accusations of workplace bullying. There are accusations of sex for promotions. The Labour Party is the largest party in the government, and the government...

    Scribble Face of the Day

    When the judge sentenced violent offender Marcel Sydney Geros AKA Scribble face last Tuesday he remarked that “No doubt there will be letters to the editor demanding my resignation. Scribble face is not new to the court system. In 2008 he bashed an...

    Another Labour Party Sex Scandal

    Remember the sex scandal last year at the Young Labour summer camp? You do? I'm surprised you do, because no one knows what happened, who was responsible and what the outcome was. Labour is a master at 'reviewing policies around the issue' - it is all...


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