Friday, May 29, 2020
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    Mulling over Muller

    I made the point in an earlier article prior to Friday’s leadership challenge that my reservation with Todd Muller was his views on climate change and other matters pertaining to the environment. While I still hold that view, l have to admit to being impressed with...

    Insight: Politics Podcast with Cam Slater – Episode 7

    A week is a long time in politics and this past week has certainly shown that. Last Monday the devastating Newshub/Reid Research poll dropped that proved to be the catalyst for a rapid coup against Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett. On Thursday the 1News/Colmar Brunton finished him off. I’ll analyse how those two polls led to the coup and how the coup was handled, including the dishonesty of two media commentators. Then I’ll attempt to map out National’s path to victory, if you can even use such a term. Finally, I’ll reveal a bit of background skullduggery that we have had to battle for over six years. I’m Cam Slater, and this is Insight: Politics.

    Matthew Hooton Thrown under the Bus

    All of a sudden the MSM is very big on conflicts of interest even if they were eventually declared. There has been a big pile-on and a concerted attempt to throw political commentator and lobbyist Matthew Hooton under a bus. Before I...

    Daily News Roundup – 25 May 2020

    National Party leadership change - commentary, analysisRichard Harman (Politik): Adams’ return signals what really lay behind Muller’s campaignJohn Armstrong (1News): Todd Muller is capable and qualified despite uninspiring opening as National leaderClaire Trevett (Herald): Anatomy of a coup: How Todd Muller felled Simon Bridges and who helped him (paywalled)Luke Malpass and...

    New Zealand Joins the Third World

    Lindsay When Parliament rushed through the Wuhan Virus Public Health Response Bill last week, the redoubtable Cameron Slater observed that New Zealand had thereby formally become a police state. The following atrocities from the Act make clear that this claim was not...

    Liberal-Conservatives: 1 Radical-Conservatives: 0

    [...] Radical conservatives lay claim to a fundamental political understanding which they insist the liberal-conservatives have yet to grasp. That if the Left is allowed to go on undermining Faith and Family, then Free-Market Capitalism will soon fall into the hole they leave behind.

    The King is Dead, Long Live the King

    Blaming Simon Bridges for his party's dreadful polling at the end of a global pandemic is as unfair as it is unreasonable, but relentless negative media coverage finally brought about his demise. Jacinda Ardern's meteoric rise in the polls, an expression of gratitude from the public...

    If You Don’t Yet Have a Bronze Level Subscription This Is What You Are Missing out on

    If you don't already have a Bronze level subscription to The BFD you are missing out. You are missing out on MyBFD our very own community platform for Bronze level subscribers and above. MyBFD You are...

    Muller Could Be a Safe Pair of Hands

    George I recall when I was a few months into my marriage my beloved passed the comment that she never expected to end up with someone like me. My response was to parrot her by admitting that I too, never expected to end...

    Bridges Has Been Shafted

    George Let me make it clear, I have never been a supporter of the Bridges/Bennett leadership of National. My personal preference has always been Judith Collins however, I think the hit job mounted against Bridges was unreasonable. Only three months ago National was...


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