Friday, May 29, 2020
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    John Banks, Cam Slater & Sir Bob Harvey on Magic Talk Radio

    John Banks, Cam Slater and Sir Bob Harvey discuss the following topics: Nikki Kaye wrongly describing Paul Goldsmith as Maori as pressure over National’s "diversity" grows. The Todd Muller MAGA hat storm in a teacup " controversy."The trainwreck Jack Tame interview with Todd...

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    Huawei Ball Is in Ardern’s Court Now

    The pressure will be on the Ardern government to once more reverse its policy on allowing Huawei to access its 5G network, following a stunning reversal from the UK. Britain had previously allowed the Chinese-owned telco, accused of conducting espionage for the Chinese...

    The BFD MAGA Hat Poll

    Maga Hats and Muslimas Downunder

    Olivia A New Zealand Muslima named Aliya Danzeisen, who happens to be a former corporate lawyer from the United States, has given voice to a brave warning to New Zealand about a grave character flaw hidden in the depths of new National...

    Government Shoots Itself in the Foot

    You would think that the government's plan to throw money at everything that moves would be a sure-fire way to stay popular right up till the election. After all, no one is going to say no to free money or begrudge the newly unemployed being given...

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    Today ALL readers get a FREE taste of what they are missing out on. Note: This FREE taste doesn't include the transcript of the podcast that all Silver subscribers get in addition to the audio. It also does not include the video and...

    Where Are All These Jew-Haters Coming From?

    [...] But it’s in arguably America’s most Jewish city that antisemitism is worryingly spiking. Not that you’d know it, if you listen to the Trump-deranged mainstream media which obsesses about supposed, often fake, hate crimes against blacks and Muslims. In fact, the real hate crime spike is elsewhere.

    Captain’s Fall

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    Volunteer Writers Wanted

    The BFD is seeking motivated, reliable, and professionally-minded writers. We are wanting to expand the range of topics that we cover, so your content does not have to be political. Local news stories are as welcome as anything to do with sport...


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