Friday, May 29, 2020
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    Another Three Years for Goff

    Danny Bright Unless there’s some form of miracle between now and when votes close on Saturday, Auckland seems destined for another three years of Phil Goff as mayor. This is not because the people of Auckland have an overwhelming love...

    Face of the Day

    Otago University professor James Flynn has told Sky News host Andrew Bolt that one of the best things about free speech is that "you often learn from your opponents".

    Letter to the Editor: Is This the Worst Mayoral Candidate in NZ?

    Dear Editor Eureka! I may have found the most obnoxious mayoral candidate profile in the local body elections, standing for Tauranga. Here is her candidate profile as sent out by Council for the current election. 

    Ignorant Children Spouting Junk Should be Neither Seen nor Heard

    [...] on the basis of this wobbly guesswork, we are being asked – nay, ordered – to fundamentally alter every aspect of our lives, from our energy use, to our travel, our diet and even how many children we are allowed to have.

    How Low Can We Go?

    In an attempt to stimulate a flagging economy, Adrian Orr cut the Official Cash Rate (OCR) by 50 percentage points in August, with a message to everyone to go out, borrow more money and spend up large. It is unclear why Orr thought a 50 point...

    Pin Pulled on Clinton Foundation Funding

    Two years ago the Taxpayer's Union launched a campaign against the Government handing over regular donations (some of which reached nearly three million dollars), to a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation. Yesterday the government revealed that they are stopping the funding early and will not be...

    Face of the Day

    If this is the National Party's "Green New Deal" it looks a lot more tempting than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's one.

    There Are Two Sides To Every History

    [...] Oh, I know, Dame Anne Salmond and her ilk will accuse me of being “unhelpful”. They will insist that the atrocity committed at Akaroa was simply a reflection of Maori cultural practice at the time. Tamaiharanui had killed a Ngati Toa chieftain: somebody had to die.

    Bridges is a Woke Womble

    Yesterday a bunch of woke wankers decided that their fears and worries should command more attention than honest, hard-working taxpayers and so, aided and abetted by Stuff reporters jizzing their y-fronts, they decided to disrupt Wellington. Jacinda Ardern got the tone right stating:

    Cartoon of the Day by SonovaMin

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