Sunday, May 31, 2020

    Wendy Geus

    I did my writing apprenticeship as a communications advisor. Like all writers, I am highly opinionated, so freelance writing is best for me. I abhor moral posturing, particularly by NZ politicians. I avoid social media as I am allergic to the white noise.

    “Know Us by Our Deeds”

    Fine rhetoric from our PM does not allay my fears that this government will introduce new taxes to pay for their gargantuan 50 billion dollar loan....

    Ardern Now Using 1pm Briefing as Party-Political Broadcast.

    The gloves are off and the race is on to make up for all the time lost in fighting the virus foe. Ardern’s...

    Blind “Trust” in Returning Kiwis Displayed Ardern’s Poor Judgement

    Blind ‘Trust’ in returning kiwis carrying the virus, caused the problem. Now Ardern struggles to trust her team of five million to move to level 2....

    In Her Quest for ‘Perfect’ Ardern Misses ‘Proportionate’

    Cautious, self-confessed ‘perfectionist’ Ardern was never going to allow Winston’s Aussie ski bunnies to frolic on our slopes this winter. (But the publicity of attending Morrison’s...

    Deborah Russell’s View of SMEs Reflects Government’s ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Stance

    "I used some pretty bad words" is the sort of language I might have heard in my primary teaching days from a guilty child caught out...

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    Laughter Is the Best Medicine

    This regular daily post is the place to joke about the Kung Flu and banish negative thoughts.

    Fonterra and the Dangers of Monopolies

    Matt Long Fonterra’s recent performance has with a return to basics strategy been encouraging, however, those familiar with...


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