Friday, August 14, 2020

    Wendy Geus

    I did my writing apprenticeship as a communications advisor. Like all writers, I am highly opinionated, so freelance writing is best for me. I abhor moral posturing, particularly by NZ politicians. I avoid social media as I am allergic to the white noise.

    Commentator’s Libellous Comments About National Leader Go Unchecked

    Damien Grant in his Stuff opinion piece last week questions Judith Collins’s lack of economic vision. His assessment is brutal (I don’t agree, but I am...

    National Needs to Call Out Ardern on Her Use of the COVID ‘Fear Factor’ to Get Re-Elected

    National now has two extremely competent spokespeople in their new leader, outspoken Judith Collins and deputy leader, no-nonsense Gerry Brownlee, to call the government out on...

    PM Breaks All the Rules to Get Her Very Own Queue-Jumping, Fake Refugee

    The news that Manus Island queue-jumping, fake refugee Behrouz Boochani, who is an "excluded person" according to the Australian government, now has refugee status should not...

    Stale, Pale Male Wins High Profile Job against a Younger Woman

    Duncan Grieve on The Spinoff is losing his mind over Wendy Petrie missing out to Simon Dallow for TVNZ’s plum 6pm news reading spot. He says...

    “Know Us by Our Deeds”

    Fine rhetoric from our PM does not allay my fears that this government will introduce new taxes to pay for their gargantuan 50 billion dollar loan....

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