Sunday, January 19, 2020

    rahera k. (rachel)

    tree-hugging hippie. old school liberal. occasional youtuber. henchwoman of The Patriarchy™. herbivore. political junkie. rodent-wrangler. problem child. full of wild ideas like rejecting groupthink and rabid identitarianism wherever i find it. ask me about the time i wore a Morrissey t-shirt to a hipster bar :)

    #FEELTHETEAL Why I’m Backing Sustainable NZ (Contains Some Swears)

    the Greens are not a real environmental party. i'm so ready for a movement that puts the environment first, without the stigma and idealogical lunacy. ...

    Stephen Franks (Free Speech Coalition) on Magic Talk

    Stephen Franks of the NZ Free Speech Coalition speaks to Sean Plunket on Magic Talk Radio (last week) about the Human Rights Commission deeming a t-shirt unacceptable....

    David Cumin (Free Speech Coalition) on Magic Talk

    Dr David Cumin of the NZ Free Speech Coalition speaks to Sean Plunket on Magic Talk Radio.

    Guy Williams apologises to Don Brash

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