Lushington D. Brady

Who is Lushington D. Brady? Well, a pseudonym. Obviously. But the name Lushington Dalrymple Brady has been chosen carefully. Not only for the sum of its overall mien of seedy gentility, reminiscent perhaps of a slightly disreputable gentlemen of letters, but also for its parts, each of which borrows from the name of a Vandemonian of more-or-less fame (or notoriety) who represents some admirable quality which will hopefully animate the persona of Lushington D. Brady.

Britain’s Hurty-Feelings Police Swing into Action

Britain’s police might be a bit pants at stopping actual crimes, like London’s staggering murder rate, or the industrial-scale rape of little girls by Pakistani Muslim...

The Wolf in Dragon’s Clothing Prowls the Pacific

The clown-show that is the Pacific Islands Forum came to a fitting conclusion yesterday, with a rogues’ gallery of banana republics lining up with their hands...

Scott Morrison Stands Firm Against Jacinda’s Virtue-Bullying

If Jacinda Ardern thought Scott Morrison was going to be intimidated by her and her little friends’ mean-girl bullying act at the Pacific Islands Forum, she...

The Looming Backlash Against ‘Transgenderism’

As Thomas Sowell notes, “intellectuals” are insulated from the consequences of their faddish monomanias in a way that almost no other profession is. As one leftist...

The ‘Architecture Critic’ Who Hugged a Tree

BFD readers no doubt belong to that vast majority of happy folk, greatly to be envied, who neither know nor care who Elizabeth Farrelly is. So...

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