Monday, October 21, 2019
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    Lushington D. Brady

    Who is Lushington D. Brady? Well, a pseudonym. Obviously. But the name Lushington Dalrymple Brady has been chosen carefully. Not only for the sum of its overall mien of seedy gentility, reminiscent perhaps of a slightly disreputable gentlemen of letters, but also for its parts, each of which borrows from the name of a Vandemonian of more-or-less fame (or notoriety) who represents some admirable quality which will hopefully animate the persona of Lushington D. Brady.

    United Nations: Bloated Globalists on Borrowed Time

    When President Donald Trump threatened to abandon NATO if delinquent European states didn’t pull their socks up and start paying their fair share of the collective...

    Be a Real Rebel. Eat Meat.

    When the medical lobby first campaigned against tobacco, certain perceptive observers questioned whether they might start getting carried away with their own success and turn into...

    Democrat Elites Regard Mainstream Americans with Contempt

    In an interview with Sam Harris in 2017, sociologist Charles Murray observed that it had become obvious “that the new upper-class holds ordinary Americans in contempt....

    Doomsday Loonies Role Models for Krazy Klimate Kult

    As annoying children are wont to do, the gibbering nutbars of the Krazy Klimate Kult, “Extinction Rebellion”, have spent the past few weeks throwing tanties and...

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    Proverbs 21 30 There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan    that can succeed against the Lord.

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    The Science: Male Brain vs Female Brain

    It's politically correct to say men and women are mentally the same, but Stossel lays out science that says otherwise