Sunday, May 31, 2020

    Lushington D. Brady

    Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. I grew up in a generational-Labor-voting family. I kept the faith long after the political left had abandoned it. In last decade or two, I've voted at times for just about all of the major parties and quite a few of the minor ones. My vote may have changed, but those basic working-class values I grew up with never have.

    Fake Abuse Compo Is the Real Abuse

    The fake abuse compensation cases are starting to come out of the woodwork of the victim-industrial complex. Taxpayers are forking out enormous sums of money for...

    US Colleges Are on the Take, Too

    As the Drew Pavlou saga is exposing for all the world to see, Australia’s universities have been thoroughly infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

    Public Shaming

    [...] What the hell has social media done to us? It seems like almost overnight we’ve become a culture of snitches, bullies, witch-hunters and torch-and-pitchfork-carrying mobs. We lurch about in blind, unthinking rage and hunger, like a horde of zombies from The Walking Dead.

    Will Twitter Fact-Check Democrat Liars?

    So, Twitter is openly policing opinions, now? Twitter’s decision to slap a “fact check” on President Donald Trump’s tweets expressing his opinions is...

    West Australia’s Economy Is Tanking, Too

    Far be it for me to take even a modicum of shameful pleasure at another’s misfortune, but, as a Tasmanian, it is just the tiniest bit...

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    Fonterra and the Dangers of Monopolies

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    Slam Dunk! The Lockdown Has Been an Expensive Waste.

    Busted! The evidence is in and it shows beyond a doubt lockdowns don’t work. The government has wrecked our economy for...

    How Far to the Left We Have Travelled

    The National Party’s leadership coup is proof if ever proof were needed, of how far to the left we have all...


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