Monday, July 6, 2020

    Edward Persimmon

    White, male, Christian, middle-class, gainfully employed and married, Edward Persimmon is going nowhere fast on the left’s Pyramid of Victimhood. He attends a traditional church. Persimmon's interests include the eighteenth century and the restoration of individual liberty to these emerald shores. Weary of socialism, he is hugely aggrieved for our nation’s continued descent. He wishes the New Conservative party, and anyone not living off the government, the greatest of success.

    ‘Colourful’ Queen Street

    John Key’s early legacy to the ethnic mix trammelling up and down Auckland’s Queen Street, and clearly part of the National Party’s liberal globalist agenda, was...

    Healthcare through the Looking Glass

    We have passed through the COVID Looking Glass and entered a strange new reality, according to Sherelle Jacobs in The Telegraph. While New Zealand reclines in splendid...

    In Defence of Our Colonial Past

    Some people, it seems, are smarting from ‘white guilt’ and looking ahead in hope - of course through pink-lensed spectacles - to a chardonnay-infused, post-colonial future.

    Auckland Transport’s Urban Poet

    The svengalis at Auckland Council clearly loathe the mundane and routine nature of their ‘core business’. To their employers – the public – this core business, regrettably,...

    We’ve Been Stitched up

    The take-over is a fait accompli. The civil service walks in a left-wing goose-step. Our universities are left-wing. Our teachers are too, as is our education system....

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